Power Cords for Subs, any benefit?

Currently, I use the stock power cords supplied with a pair of Aerial SW12s. For those of you who have tried this, any advantage going to an upgraded power cord? I have experimented with a Harmonic Tech for my pre-amp, and a synergistic for my main amp, with great results, but for subs, I am not quite sure what they would benefit from. Bottom line, looking for some input from fellow tweakers before/if I lay out more coin for power cords.
I have an eel(se) power cord that improved the bass depth of my rel sub. More thunderous and dynamic response.
I've had many people report tighter faster bass when using upgraded power cords. I don't have a powered sub (soon to change) so this is all second hand. I think the same arguements for using them on an amp would apply to a powered sub. I noticed more bass that was fuller and tighter on my big SS Aragon and I guess the same could be possible with a sub amp. I would go to your local dealer and get something that can be borrowed or buy something with a return policy.
I switched from the stock cord on my REL Strata III to the Harmonic Technology Pro 11AC, and got an improvement in pitch and a feeling that the sub was exciting the room which was not there previously. The HT is relatively inexpensive, and I got very nice results, so you might start there, but consider spending a bit more and auditioning a few other brands, as the Aeriel is quite an exceptional sub, and deserves the best you can afford. Good luck!
Have experienced results as stated by Bigboss using the Eels on a pair of Rel Stadiums. I believe the reasonably priced BMI Whale will perform very well with the very good Aerial Sub. The Eels made the very good Rel Stadiums even better.
upgrading the power cord on my rel strata 3 made me a believer in power cord upgrades. my feeling was always "how can a power cord make a difference?" after research and experimentation, i found a cord that really changed the life of my sub. it is funny how most people in this thread upgraded "with results" on thier rel sub. great sub but maybe needs a better power cable? i gained much more dynamics. i know power cords effect each system differently. my greatest gain was @ the sub. happy listening!
JOwen: You may be able to experiment with what you already have on hand to come up with an answer as far as your setup goes. Remove the PC from your amp and replace it with the stock cord. Then disconnect one of the subs and just use one. Listen to the system this way for a few days to get used to the sound and when you have, place the Synergistic PC on your sub and listen for changes. It will not cost you anything except your time to try this out.
Do you folks feel that even an inexpensive cable such as the Absolute Power Cords would make a discernable difference in bass reproduction?