Am I defeating the benefit?

Hey all,
I am running a Sonic Frontiers pre amp wich has no remote, I run it thru my Rotel Pro using the Multi channel bypass inputs because I am disabled and it is nice to have volume control from remote.
My question is does this have a serious downside in sound because of going thru the Rotel, and if so how else can I run this in a dual use system? Would I be able to link both preamps at the amps using a 2 into 1 RCA?
For the record the tube pre is linked to the Rotel with MIT 330 series II IC'S and I just cant seem to get 100% happy with the sound...OK I am not happy with it at all, it seems the VMPS have way too many adjustments and it is hard for me to dial them in (these are biamped with outboard bass crossover and adjustments for the ribbon mid and tweeters.....I am kinda at my end with all this, it seems impossible to do things right and be on a fixed income, music is one thing a guy like me can enjoy, and I am losing the passion with all this frustration, I am pleased with the bass performance using an Aragon 4004MKII
but the mids and highs are for shit and I cant even think about an amp upgrade because of income.
Any ideas or suggestions on a affordable solution to my problems, not really sure what anyone could really do but I am really getting miserable and fed up with something I have always taken great pleasure in.....and I guess I just need to vent so thanks guys. Chad
If the switch is set on bypass, then the Rotel SHOULD be bypassed altogether. I had a similar problem. I have a Parasound R-EQ 150, and it has a "bypass" switch. It's an equalizer, and I bought it because my wife likes exaggerated bass. Well, even in the bypass position it constricted the soundstage. Then a dealer friend of mine told me about a person who could rewire the unit so that it would emulate a hard-wired connection (i.e. virtually no soundstage degradation). I had it done (Cardas posts, and other stuff) for around 400 bucks (considerably more than the original retail price of the now discontinued unit, I'm pretty sure), and NOW the unit really seems to have NO detrimental effect on the sound--when it's in the bypass position.

So.....Maybe it would be possible to have the bypass circuitry on the Rotel upgraded so that it didn't degrade the sound at all, i.e., it emulated a hard-wire connection. The only thing is that I don't know if that's possible when the Rotel's volume potentiometer has to be in the loop. Still, it might be worth a phone call to some talented modder. I don't know the name of the modder who did mine, but could probably find out if you wanted me to.

Keep the faith. The musical reward will be that much sweeter when the annoyance has been conquered.
Well, two things I can offer. One: think back to when your system last sounded good and retrace your steps as to what you changed since then. This might give you some clues.

Two: I don't know about the MIT 330 II interconnects, but the original 330s sounded terrible in my system despite its many excellent reviews at the time. It was a highly capacitive cable that rolled the highs and constricted dynamics. I guess it worked well for folks with really bright sounding systems. Do you have other interconnects you could try?

As long as you're not going through the processor's processing circuitry, routing through the bypass shouldn't seriously degrade the sound. At least it doesn't in my HT system.

Hey, I know how it is to have good sound and then loose it and wonder where things went wrong. It can be very frustrating and aggravating. From the looks of things, you have a very complex system, but with a little methodical tinkering you should be able to restore the sound you liked originally.
If you are controlling the volume in the Rotel, it is not really a bypass and you are using VC and output stage of it. Better to run the front L/R outs of the Rotel through the HTBypass of the SF, if possible.

hi chad,im not sure how attached you are to either the rotel or the sonic frontiers but you could always sell both of them & get a preamp with tone controls & end all the head aches,i wouldnt even begin to think about playing the interconnect & speaker wire game if i were you,its a loosing proposition.

if i couldnt find preamps with tone controls anymore i'd sell every last peice of gear i have & quit the hobby for good.

sometimes the simplest solution is the best solution.
First thing I would suggest is using the direct connections on the SFL. That bypasses the balance controls which can degrade.
thanks for all thoughts
how can I maintain the dual use of the system if my tube pre does not have HT passthrough? Do I use 2 into 1 jacks at the amps?
"if i couldnt find preamps with tone controls anymore i'd sell every last peice of gear i have & quit the hobby for good."
Yikes, then let's hope you can keep finding those preamps with tone controls! Your posts are great, and you have common sense. Stick around! Chad, you too! Geez, you guys!