Power Cords

Someone help me understand the potential (if any) sonic effects of power cords. I have seen a wide range of prices for these things. Are they worth it, and what are some recommendations. I have Manley Neo Classic 250's.
I have found PCs to be very system/component dependent. Like I/Cs, they can alter the "sound" of a system. Sometimes not positively. What sounds good here may not sound good there.

Keeping this in mind, if you want the final word in performance from your system, by all means, try them. But be prepared to experiment.
They are almost necessary over stock cords. Used on the front end has the most effect. Don't ask me why they work, they just do.
I was never a believer in aftermarket, high dollar power cords, I mean how can the last 5 feet of wire make a difference? especially when there's literally hundreds of feet of standard, 12 ga. at best, romex in the walls...all I can recommend is that ONLY YOUR ears can be the judge of this...I tried a PS Audio Extreme Plus on my Jolida integrated and was absolutely stunned at the difference it made over the stock PC...blacker backrounds, better imaging, more focus. It definitely made me think that there is something to this... I am a true believer in VH Audio's power cords, I have several in my system...Chris has many "flavors" to chose from and he has a 60 day in home trial period...If you don't like it, just send it back! But remember, don't listen to me or anyone else...only YOUR ears will tell you the truth! Good Luck!
yes they are, esp on high-quality amps such as yours. the how/why's are perhaps too big a topic right now (do a search for many other prior discussions), but take my word for it, it's not snake oil as some would like to believe.

My suggestion: go to your local audioshop, borrow some and try them against whatever stock chord you now have.

here's a link that might be helpful for you:
All depends on the equipnment. But for analog equipnment and tube stuff I have found benifits for my solid state recever didn't help much.
Call your manufacturer...what do they recommend?
My answer is twofold:
1. any after market powercord will most definitely give superior returns over your stock cord BUT...
2. Your money should be budgeted to then take the step to the most return on your dollar...upgrading the wires [and breaker! ] in your walls and changing your outlets.
By spending approx. 25% on the cords and the balance on the above ' your money will be better spent than cords alone!
have fun!
Need to borrow from your dealer and try.
All that I can add, is that in my experiences, power cords have made a bigger sonic improvement (dollar wise) than interconnects or speaker cables in my system.

I would have laughed at the above statement two years or so ago.

Ohhh yes they are worth it. I've experimented with power cords for a number of years. I have recently purchased a Poiema 3 power cord from Ridge Street Audio. I found this cord to have made the most significant improvement in sound reproduction of ANY component, interconnect, speaker cable, speaker or power cord that has ever been in my system. I am so impressed by it's performance that I am in the process of writing a review on it. Like live music? This cord gives it to you. Like the utmost in details? This cord gives it to you. Like thundering, precisely defined bass? Ditto. Robert (the manufacturer) is a genius. I truly cannot say enough good things about his products.
The Power Cord that just blew me away was a Shunyata Black Mamba. I now use Audience Powerchords on my Integrated Amp and CD player.

You take them away and something is missing. Power cords make a nice improvement in most applications.. Give them a try and see for yourself.

This article makes a lot of sense.
Good plug = $3.00(each end)
Good wire = $2.00 for entire high quality powercord.

Total parts price = $8.

Total retail price OK upto $30 using general rule of thumb.

Anything higher priced won't ever give a performance improvement.
Unbelievable but true the last few feet make a difference. It appears to be more than just the voltage it can deliver, the alloy used has a pronounced effect on the sonics in my system. At the risk of repeating what others have said using a particular type cord should be mated to your equipment. I like a silver based cord for the source but larger copper ones for my amps.
I forgot to mention that my Manley 250's are plugged into a Powerwedge Ultra 116. Now how does that effect the power cord issue?
You can DIY by going to Parts Connexion http://www.partsconnexion.com They have a great selection of wire or even a finished product that is inexpensive. I have found this a great way to really understand whats happening with my sound and its fun to tweek.
Buy high quality cord intended for industrial use, single core conductors preferably (but not necessarily). Terminate with accordingly hi industrial grade plugs.

Try out. Draw conclusions.

One conclusion you'll surely draw is that it's more expensive than the optimistic Marakanetz suggests -- but still reasonably priced!
the difference with pc's is profound... just as important as ic's and speaker cables imo(even on solid state gear). would suggest audtioning pc's with all your gear in your system (there is a culmative effect)

i have had really good experience with audience pc's and have not moved away from them over the last 18 months ( tried shunyata, xlo, wireworld, and a couple others)..
I used a Shunyata python on the Manley 250's. I also used harmonix. I never heard much of an improvement on the overall sound compared to the stock cord. Minor subtleties if your trying to hear something.
Try DCCA powercords,this will teach you what power
cords can do to your music, and your amp.
I think they do make a small difference, because stock power cords ARE REALLY crappy and do not provide consistent power. However, to those who think that it is the biggest upgrade in your system well that is simply not realistic or possible. A good power cord with hospital grade plugs will provide all the additional benefit you are going to get. In the case of an amp, it will provide slightly more power to the amp which allows you to reduce to the volume for the same sound pressure which allows the amp to be more effecient and sound better
I'm a little late coming to this thread, but I only just recently discovered Ridge Street Audio's Poiema 3 power cord. My feelings mirror those of Jaguar's in his comments above. In my system, not only did the soundfield open to encompass the entire area in and around my speakers and amps, but it seemed to come from BEHIND the back wall as well. Textures were also wonderfully musical and utterly natural sounding. I'm now headed for the Poiema 3 interconnect. And, yes, Robert is an exceptionally nice fellow to deal with.
Think I'm losing it lately. What I meant to say above is that the sound seemed to come from behind the wall where the speakers in front of me are located.
Well Opus88 and Jaguar, if the P3 impressed you that much, you should hear the P3 Signature! :)

Robert has also just come out with his latest, the Alethias! and the Alethias! Signature, which I have not heard yet.

The P3 Signature's are stunning though. Right up there with the VD Revelation and PAD Dominus as the best cords I've heard. The P3 Sig's top quality is it's clarity and focused presentation, yet it's not edgy in it's presentation, as I've found the Nordost Valhalla to be, IMS.

FWIW, The VD Revelation's strength is the absolute power and ease with which it handles music. If you think the bass is great with a RSAD P3, you should hear a VD Rev. The Dominus' area of expertise is a tubelike midrange liquidity and purity which is stunning. I've heard many cords, and these three I hold in the highest esteem. Of couse, that is all IMS, IMHO, YMMV. :)