Power cord and Sony SCD-1

Anybody have any experience with a good power cord to use with a Sony SCD-1. I have thought about the JPS labs Digital AC and PS Audio Lab II, the latter I understand is discontinued. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I want to stay in the price range of the above mentioned cords that being under $500.00 new. Also the voodoo power cords look pretty good but I have not found much information on how they sound, any comments.

Thanks, Chuck
I have the Sony SCD-1 and use the Pure Note Sigma, $300. Sounds better than some cords that cost many more dollars.
I just tried a power cord by a local designer in NYC on my Sony SCD-777ES. I own the JPS Digital, Audience, TG Audio SLVR, Elrods, Foundation Research, JPS Power AC, etc and for $200 it was hard to ignore. Beat the lower priced cords and was pretty competitive on the others.

Email me and I will get you the info
The Sony SCD-1 has the AC polarity reversed as I recall so confirm this and order your power cords acordingly to fix this problem.....
I'd suggest either the TG SLVR at the high end of your price range (which is the most I want to spend on these things as well) or the cable Bigkidz is referring to, a very well-thought-out design at a comparatively low price with which I am replacing all my non-TG SLVR cables, as they sound quite similar in my system and are all FLEXIBLE, a big point for me. Still haven't had a shootout between the two, but comparing power cords isn't my cup of tea. You can e-mail me about the "mystery cords" as well, if you'd like.
I own the SCD-1. I have tried both the ELrod EPS-2 and the NBS Monitor II with excellent results.

I don't know what Rcrump is talking about. My SCD-1 works fine with the standard power cord configuration.
Thanks everyone for the feedback. I will take all of your suggestions and do a bit more research....then make my decision.

Thanks, Chuck
Gmorris, measure the AC potential on the chassis of the SCD-1 in standard and reversed polarity and advise which has the lowest potential....All we have measured have had reversed line and neutral which screws up venue information for the entire system....
I concur with Bob the polarity is reversed on the Sony. Buy a cheater plug and listen both ways you will hear the differences.
Does anyone know, is this true on the reversed polarity on the power cord with other Sony SACD players, like the 9000es?
Tek, the best thing to do is measure the AC potential with any new piece of gear as just need a cheap multimeter, decent earth ground and a cheater plug....Go to www.boundforsound.com and print the article for checking this under "tweak of the week"....The problem manifests itself in poor imaging as all the gear is hooked togther via interconnects and just one piece with high AC potential will mess up the whole system....If the AC is backwards you can attack it two ways; get inside the unit and swap line and neutral or order a cord which will fix the problem....Lots of folks don't like playing around inside their gear so I sell quite a few reversed polarity power cords....This is the sort of thing dealers used to check before most of them just started selling sealed boxes......
Not all Sony SCD1 had a problem, my does not and another owner I know does not, we switched ac to check, switched sound became dead, no depth and little width.

To many rumors not enough fact on the web at times. Also the Sony is balanced.
Phiilb is partially correct. Only the early SCD-1 players had reversed polarity. Mine does not. It was however modified with the Super-clock 2 and transport mods and I was advised that it sounded better when not using the balanced mode because it wasn't truely balanced.