Portable Radio Quality?!?

I am an old school 2-channel guy and appreciate all things audiophile, so this is an odd question to post:

I need a good-sounding high quality AM/FM portable radio that can be moved around in my home.  Mono is OK with good quality reception, that can be played with A/C and battery. [Back in the day, GE made a "Super Radio" (out of production) which fit the bill perfectly].

Does anyone have a favorite?


Sangean PR-D19BK FM Stereo/AM Digital Tuning Portable Radio with Protective Bumper (Gray/Black)
I have a Tivoli PAL that I love. It was later replaced by the iPAL and the latest version is the iPAL BT (bluetooth). Unfortunately the latest is $199. However, if you have a need for a solid AM/FM portable radio and also would like bluetooth support, it should work very well. BTW, I rarely listen to traditional radio anymore, but I do listen to Radio Paradise, TSF Jazz and a few classical stations on streaming internet radio. The Tivoli would also support that via bluetooth if you had a computer or portable device (phone, iPod, etc.) nearby.
I need a good quality am fm portable radio. Thanks for the suggestion. 
I have a Sony ICF 2010, which is am/fm and shortwave. It's long out of production, but available used. Highly regarded. A/C or batteries.
lots of GE Super Radios on ebay - still the best
C. Crane makes some great portable radios...
I have a Sony ICF 2010, which is am/fm and shortwave. It's long out of production, but available used. Highly regarded. A/C or batteries.
I have an ICF-2010 also, and it is indeed excellent.  They appear for sale on eBay pretty regularly, but if in top condition and complete with AC power adapter and other accessories tend to go for $200 to $300+.

Good luck.  Regards,
-- Al

Sony Walkman Sports spoken here. AM/FM radio, FM radio a wasteland notwithstanding.

I will follow up; thank you all.  BTW, I do have a GE Super Radio that is in OK shape for "garage listening" but needs a whip antenna.  It appears to be 10 mm at its base.  Can anyone steer me to a good source for replacement antennae?  
Some of the cheap Sansa MP3 players have built in AM/FM. If you combined that with a cheap speaker(think bluetooth speaker with line input that you could pick up at the cellphone store) you'd have a portable solution that you could carry on you provided you have the pocket space. Overall you'd be spending under $100 and have you can keep your hands free as you move around the house. I frequently take walks around the neighborhood with such a speaker and the smaller Sansas can be clipped to a pants pocket or worn with a wrist strap.
I recommend you Sony portable. This small stereo really puts out the sound! I bought it for my mother, who had said her current boom box didn't have good sound. I listened, and I agreed. She's very happy with this new one. My sisters and I all tried it out at her place and we all were amazed at the sound coming from such a small stereo. The mega bass is awesome