Please help speakers

A pair of b&w 802 s2 $1000 . Kef 207 for $ 1600 and spendor s8e for $1100 which is a better choice? Thank you
I have owned those Spendors. They are an outstanding speaker. BTW,when new they were over 4 grand!
Here is a review!
One of the loudspeakers is relatively easy to drive and the other two are not.  It really depends on the amp you will use.
+1 for the Spendors. Great sound and not hard to drive with a variety of amps.
Spendors are a great choice what a great hobby. Enjoy.
My pick from the ones you mentioned would be also the Spendors.
Slightly more laid back sound and as other folks have mentioned so much easier to drive and would sound good with about any gear that you already have or want to buy.

Best of luck to you,

Go with the Spendors.
Thank you very1 great advice