Phono Pre?

Looking to upgrade my old Audio Alchemy Vac In The Box phono pre. What are your recommendations for budget replacement (new or used)? I am partial to the higher output MM cartridges. Thanks for any insite you might have.
I second the Seduction, but what is your budget and what cartridge will you be using?
I 'downgraded' from an Audio Research PH3 SE (nice, but a little sterile and lean for my tastes) to a much-less-expensive AES (Cary) PH-1 phono stage. Not as quiet as the Audio Research, but more lush, vivid and fleshed-out sounding in my opinion.

They don't turn up used that often, but are around $400 when they do. Fun tube rolling the 6SL7 & 12AU7 (and variants) tubes as well to get different 'flavors'. Only about 35db of gain though, but you'll be fine with your stated preference for higher output MMs (I'm using a step up with a MC, for what it's worth).

May not be what you have in mind, but it's another option. Let us know what you end up going with.
Seduction, it has a sweet sound. I have a Wright WPP200c and it has a very tube sound so if your amp is SS it may be an option. Its a bit too tubey for me except for classical where it rocks.

The Pro-Ject Tube Box/se/II may be an option but not with stock tubes. Its good but the Seduction is better no the best
Well, I hate to pile on ... but I just downright love my Seduction.

Even if you're not a DIY kind of person, it's worth every bit of the cost to have Bottlehead build it for you - around $670. If you're a DIY'er then you can buy the kit for $369 but I highly recommend the $75 C4S upgrade.

Awesome phono-stage.
the best from affordable small phono stages I had is the Highphonic I have here for sale....and bonus is that it is battery powered!Silence is beautiful!
So, it seems that so far the Bottlehead Seduction is the phono pre of choice. I'm 60 and have been into this hobby since the early 60's and always have been a SS guy. The tube phone pre intrigues me though. I have several SS integrateds that I listen with, a vintage Yamaha CA 1010 that I love, a vintage Kenwood integrated(also excellent)and a Creek Destiny(excellent). My vinyl rig is an AR ES-1 with a Sumiko Premier MMT arm that I bought new quite a while back and a Shure V15-V-MR? cartridge.
Hagerman Labs Coronet 2

half kit:

- is everyone suddenly experiening collective amnesia over Jim Hagerman's great products?

Thom @ Galibier
Jolida JD-9A is in my opinion one ofthe best deals in a low cost / high quality and very versatile tube preamp. Enough flexibility too accommodate nearly any cartridge. Full, detailed and dynamic sound. Try this one... for $450, you can't go wrong. It even comes in a full sized, solid, and very well made chassis! Check out the review at Six Moons.
I use my Seduction with the Shure V15-V-MR on a jelco 250st and HW-19 mkiv.

It is a great combo, warm but not too tubey, a sweet sound i listen mostly to classical and blues with rock and jazz. Great all around performer