Philips 963 SA compatibility

Hi! I'm having problems with playing back some Disney's DVDs- " Finding Nemo" and " Pirates of the Caribbean"- there are periodic, every 2-3 minutes, 3-4 seconds-long, lapses in the soundtrack throughout the whole length of the DVD.
I called Philips technical support and was told, that " there are some compatibility issues with this particular machine and Disney's movies soundtracks" and was advised " to call Disney's Studios and have the DVD exchanged".
Can somebody, please tell me what is the problem?, why is it only Disney? and what should I do at this point- ask Philips for an exchange, some upgrade (if it is possible and available). Regards.
PLayed both on mine. No problems. I use the coax digital output to the receiver.
I've had the same problem with "Finding Nemo" on my Sony DVD Player. I've tried 2 different copies- same exact issue. My friend plays the discs fine, however, on his Panasonic player. I too wonder "what's up?!".
Imun2u, I use digital coax to the reciever as well. Played both discs on my Sony DVP NS999ES- no problem, so I know it's not the discs and not a connection (used the same connection with Sony), it's a player.
Make sure the disc is CLEAN! I played a "Dean Martin Show" DVD at my parents house tonight (brand new disk) and this puppy was skipping all OVER the place. Took a look and found lots of crud (cardboard flakes, etc.). Disk played fine after cleaning...
I had problems with a rented movie on my 963SA. Tried cleaning it. No luck. Then I put it in my Panasonic DVD Recorder and it played just fine. Yet my 963SA has played other DVDs just fine. Don't know what the deal is. Guess it does not like 1 of X DVDs.