cart/phono stage compatibility - Help!

I have a Rega P10 with Apheta 2 cartridge.  Are the specs of the cartridge compatible with the EAT E Glo-S phono stage?  My head is spinning.
The cartridge has a rated output of 0.35 mv, and the phono stage provides a choice of gains of either 70 db or 76 db, and a wide selection of load impedances. I don't see any compatibility problems with the 70 db setting. It is possible with that cartridge that the 76 db setting could overload either the phono stage or your preamp, or result in having to use your volume control at undesirably low settings.

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-- Al
Try 70 dB gain and 100 Ohms to start. That should put you in the ball park.
Set the load impedance as high as possible.

if you encounter brightness, begin to lower the load impedance.
The load impedance is not for the benefit of the cartridge. It is there to prevent Radio Frequency Interference from messing with the input of the phono section. To this end, its also best to use a tone arm interconnect cable with the least capacitance you can find. This will put the RFI at a much higher frequency and might make it easier to control.