paypal phishing

I feel like the biggest DOPE on the planet, I got an email today from what appeared to be paypal stating that a charge was presented against my acct for $115 to Dell ,obviously it was not me so I scanned down the very official looking email and found the link to cancel the transaction and with my limited typing skills I typed as fast as I can punching in my password and bank acct all the while fuming that someone had compromised my acct not realizing that the crime had not been commited yet the whole thing was a scam to get my info !!! It all looked so official and I was played like a stradavarius " what a dope" As soon as I realized what had been done after a few expletives I went on to the real paypal and changed my password and drove to my bank and drained the acct attached to the paypal and the whole time I felt like such a yutz .. Please don't fall for the trap If they do not address you by name instead of Dear Pay pal user or anything that looks phishy don't bite !!!
Good for you that you caught it quickly. No matter how official those e-mails looks, I double-delete them, sometimes without even opening them.
Another safety tip:

Never ever click on the links they provide.

If you have a question, just go to your own paypal account & see what's up.
There have been a lot of them coming out lately, both for Paypal and Ebay. I'm getting one or two a day. A lot of different variations on the theme, including one where a seller at an auction is trying to contact you. Be very suspicious of anything with an ebay or Paypal address, virtually all of them are phishing.
Actually paypal will NEVER send out such a email or any email with a link. ALWAYS go to Paypal, Ebay, or any auction or Bank site manually, PERIOD. That way you allways know your on the right site.

Bummer about your information though.

Always report sites like this to FBI.GOV
All good advice and accurate advice. As regards Ebay, one simple technique if you get a phishing email is to simply go to your ebay account view your messages. If the message is not there, it did NOT come from Ebay.

If you are concerned, then simply contact ebay or whoever directly regarding the message. A useful address for forwarding the message is or

Can you sent me your new bank account number, and your personal ID information? I promise that I won't tell anyone either!

Just kidding.
Bgrazman is right. NEVER Click on the links. BUT you can move your mouse over the link (again WITHOUT Clicking) and you will see at the lower left of your browser screen (Internet Explorer) what the link Really points to. Mine have usually been someones personal site in Germany. One even was an AOL user! How lame...
Tonight (12/16) I just got a eBay phish attempt that shows how desperate these folks are to do their evil deeds. Some are so stupid like this one it would be laughable if they werent trying to, for example, give me a virus/trojan horse.

What this one said was something like this:

"I'ts been 2 months since I paid you for the item and I am loosing(sic) patience. Send the item now or I will call the police and contact eBay"

Sounds serious. Except for one *small* problem......


...file under "Dumb Crooks"......