New Phishing Expedition

I recently received four email messages from AudiogoN (sic) ([email protected]) informing me that user joeabrams initiated a conversation with me. Clicking on the link brought me to the 2012 version of Audiogon's login page which started raising alarms. Closer inspection revealed that the page was unsecured and after entering some fake login details the page redirects to Audiogon's actual webpage.

Yahoo! mail did not automatically blacklist this so it's probably new, and so I thought I'd share it with youse.



I just sent you a message through the Agon message system.


Test, this is only a test.

Is my agon message email the same as the others you received?

Nope, your email address looks legit and has a format consistent with the other genuine emails I've received from the Audiogon email system.

Your message also appears in my "Messages" pane (the fake messages didn't).

I received the same phishing e-mails, also allegedly from joeabrams.
I notified Audiogon of the scam.
Yep got the same email from joeabrams
Pish in hazen!!


There is an Agon member joeabrams.

Since the "legit" joeabrams has 1133 positive feedback posts, no neutral and no negative, plus it appears he has sold a very large number of items, it looks to me like somebody is "spoofing" his handle and he should be made aware of it if he hasn't already.
I just received another conversation phishing request from joeabrams.

I just sent him an e-mail through the Audiogon site to notify him.
Phishing attempt has been taken down.