Payment Method Evolution

So I haven't sold equipment for a bit and went to list some cables only to discover that the only payment options now available on A'gon are credit card and Paypal....can this be correct? So, I have a Paypal account, which I rarely use and care very little about, so decided to list the wire and select Paypal as the method of payment. The A'gon system required me to upgrade to a "verified" account which requires me to enter information about my bank account. WTF? I have no interest in sharing this information with Paypal. Can it be true that in order to use A'gon I now need to jump through these invasive hoops? 
Same thing happened to me with my cable listing. I am now selling gear on the competing site and will continue to do so. 

PayPal has always required your bank account info. A verified acount is when you add a credit card to PayPal. A credit card is safer to use than a bank account IMO.
Being verified allows transactions to be processed faster.
I NEVER provide information about MY BANK to ANYONE including PayPal, yet, I manage to verify my account and my method is safer than credit card or in fact THE SAFEST.

Under mask of 'verifying your shipping address' they can get hold of your funds and that's not desirable at all! Your funds can only be controlled by YOU. Yes the buyer can claim misdelivery or wrong address sent to claim refund or do anyanyanything to get refund and scam you, but...

There are online banks that I care less about and that give you an online access account within one hour after you filled-out an application. This account information can be used for paypal or any eCommerce sites you’re trying to access. Their card isn’t free and has monthly or annual fee. If you only keep $0 balance you won’t be charged a penny and this card can never be negative. At the same time it will always be active.

Look into sites:

@czarivey, so how do you pay when using Agon and Ebay? Do you use PayPal with only a credit card ?
I understand your workaround the bank account.
I always have paypal balance to pay with as I sell lots of stuff.
In case if I don't have balance I can load prepaid card registered with paypal.

I do not think sharing bank info is never wise.I have also found many of the Paypal guys are losing low ballers thats just me.Enjoy good luck on your sales!!
@chrshanl37 ,

once you verify paypal account, you can sell here.

my work around for selling here is not to sell here at all and i'm not alone by far. it's pricey to post and prepayment needs to be done as well. after all, audiogon's profiles are not safe due to the amateur and unprofessional development crew.

chrshanl37 what competing site are you using? I've been looking for other alternatives to Agon.
I'm not sure I follow how someone can get your bank info if you are using PayPal through here though. I've never had any problems, but I would like to know how that would work.
 Every time you write a check you have given out your bank account info. Your name and usually your address as well as the bank name and your account number is on the check.

I suppose if you don't write checks . . .
the easiest thing to do is to get a free checking account and only fund it when you buy or sell something online. Once the balance gets to your un-comfort level, just withdrawl and put into your personal checking or savings account. Plus, I never leave a balance on Paypal over $50.00. Moving money in and out is quick and easy. I also have done many deals on USAudiomart,..... just bought something there last night.
ncarv when you write check you don't give permission to access your account electronically.
free checking account isn't a solution, because it can go negative if paypal decides to refund without your consent.