Pass Labs X250 vs Bryston 4BSST vs CJ MF2500A?

I need a more powerful amp for my B&W M802 SIII's. Right now I'm using a CJ MF2250 rated at 125 wpc. It's a sweet little amp, but not enough for these notoriously power hungry speakers. My listening room is only 12' X 16'. Originally, I set a "50 lb. limit" for a new amp, due mainly to my aging back, & the fact that my previous ARC VT100 MKII seemed so heavy at 65 lbs. This was only one reason that I have the Bryston 4B-SST, Bryston 7B-ST (44 lbs. per mono), & the CJ MF2500A on my "short list".

Lately tho I've been considering the Pass Labs X250. It weighs about 100 lbs., & is considerably more $$ than the others on my list. But I'm getting kind of seduced by the looks, & by what I've read about both the amp, & the customer service of Pass Labs. Is the Pass "better" sonically than the other amps I've mentioned? Or is a lot of the price difference due to the beautiful workmanship & relative exclusivity?

My other equipment: B&W M802SIII's, CJ PFR pre-amp, Cary 303-200 CDP, Fanfare tuner, Rega P25/Benz Glider (yes I also need to purchase a phono stage).

I plan to buy anything I get used. The Pass used is almost twice the cost of my other choices, but I could budget that much. Thanks in advance for any advice!
Based on your list of previous equipment, I would suggest the MF2500A, followed by the X250. I owned the 7BST. Fine amp(s), but lacks warmth (the sound of the 4BSST will likely be similar). I currently own the MF2500A. It is very warm and involving. Ultimately, your amp choice will depend on your speakers, related equipment and tastes. I have only heard the X250 under less than ideal conditions. It consistently gets favorable reviews and may be an excellent match for your 802s.

Hello Steve, I have heard all of the amps you mentioned on your exact speakers. Allthough my system is nowehere near the highest level I am constantly improving when and where I can. At the time, those(N802s) where the speakers I was building towards. Anywho, of the three, I found the Pass to be the best suited for my taste. It is very nuetral. It has possibly the most inner detail in the midrange that I have ever heard. Along with very articulate and controlled bass, and sweet airy highs. A highly refined and resolute sound. If my budget allowed I would have one in a minute.

I am currently seeking a Bryston, 6B-SST or 4B-SST, I havent decided which. The 4B-SST is very similar in sonic qualities to the Pass, nuetral, a little more pronounced bass, very close in the midrange detail, but just not as refined. Which of course is to be expected at about half or less the cost.

The CJ amp, in my opinion has a totally different sonic character. It has an overall "warmth" while the others seemed nuetral. The bass was excellent, the mids very soothing, and the high end detail was less pronounced. It too, didnt have the resolution and refinement that the Pass exhibited, but nonetheless a very nice sound at its price point.

I would strongly recommend autioning the Pass and the Bryston before purchase. However, I agree with N2twochannel, if you like your MF2250, then its bigger brother will probably staisfy the N802s needs without much overall sonic change.
I have the MF2500A driving Thiel 3.6's and like it very much. The A upgrade was a substantial improvement. I would now consider it the equal to the Pass X250; which is also very good. I have not heard the Bryston so I can not comment.

Hold on a sec, I see you have Matrix 802s. Champagne head I guess. FWIW, I heard these amps on Nautilus 802s, not that it makes much difference. Both are fine speakers.
Why not consider the Pass X150 as that may be more in line with the others in your price range?
I'm going to suggest Pass Aleph 2 monoblocs. I bought mine from someone here who owns 801s. He sold the Alephs to me when he went to the Tact Digital amp.
These amps have a very distinctive sound. They are also monoblocs, at 60 lbs. each they are much easier to move than a 100 lb X250.
These are true Class A & they will heat the room! I believe the sound is worth the heat.
Here is Doug's review on the amps I bought from him:,Aleph,2,/PRD_116066_1583crx.aspx