Will a C-J MF2500A power Totem Mani 2's?

Currently I have a pair of B&W M802 S3's that I'm powering with a C-J MF2500A (240 wpc). The M802's are notoriously power hungry, with an impedence dip, two 8" woofers, etc., but I find I'm getting very good results with the C-J amp. For various reasons I'm thinking of selling the 802's & getting a pair of monitor speakers. Does anyone have experience using Mani 2's with an MF2500? I'd hate to have to sell it to buy a larger heavier amp, as part of my plan with the speakers is to have lighter components that I can move easily. Thanks in advance for any advice!
Hey Steve,I wish someone would answer your thread ,as i have a CJ MF2500A and was wondering the same thing,im looking for a speaker to replace my Paradigm 100s with,that have good bass !
I have a pair of Totem Forest's, and drive them with a CJ MF-2200(120 wpc). The pre-amp is a CJ Premier 14. They seem to have plenty of power, and sound great. One thing that I'm aware of is they really open up at medium volume. They don't have the fullness at really low volume levels. But I'm also getting older, and I'm aware that my ears don't work so great at lower volume levels. I'd say go for it. The cabinet design of the Totems deliver great bass. They won't beat your chest like 15" JBL's, but they'll move the curtains behind 'em.

Hey Don,Thanks!I need to look up a dealer that sells Totem,and give them a listen,as this will probably be the last speaker upgrade ill be able to do for a long time!I keep hearing so many nice things about them,but have yet to hear a pair,,,,