Panasonic VT50

Does anyone have information (or heard rumors) of a 60" VT50 coming out? And maybe for 2013 the next generation of VT's. Why is there no 60" since it's a very popular size.
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What I don't like about Panasonic TV is that digital audio output is automatically set to 2 channel with NTSC (no longer broadcasted) and 5.1 Dolby with HDTV. My DAC does not work with 5.1 Dolby and there is no way to change it on Panasonic TV (no menu item). I bought Samsung 55" since it has menu selection of audio output format.
Panasonics are disposable TVs that go bad very fast. Replacement components such as digital control board will probably match the price of new.
Marakanetz- I've been very happy w my Panny 42" plasma. However, most consumer products these days that are under $500 are difficult if not impossible to get repaired economically. No excuse for it, its just the way it is.
Panasonics overall are not "disposable TVs that go bad very fast." Quite the opposite. That statement is simply not substantiated by any significant amount of feedback/information I've ever read over the years or by my own personal experience. There may be a few people out there who have had problems -- there always are no matter how good the product -- but the vast majority of people who provide feedback on Panasonic TVs (feel free to browse the boards) are very happy long-term customers and would happily purchase one again (Samsung plasmas generally in this category too). I've had mine for seven years under very heavy use and never had a problem despite living in an area with lots of power outages and brown-outs on top of the heavy use. Several friends of mine also have them and are extremely happy as well. Don't let your decision be over-influenced by one person's negative experience. They're great TVs.
Got one 42" in 2007 in 2010 diagnosed with control
board failure $350 for the board + remaining value of TV =
disposable unit for near kilobuck when new. Managed to
'band-aid' the bad one and quickly dump it to Pawn America
for $250 Whew! Switched to Sony 34 1080i KDS tube HDTV and
happy camper again. I like electronics built good.
Hey Kijanki, Help me out with your post. I'm ready to get a 55" VT 50. (I still can't figure out why they don't offer a 60"). I have a Denon AVR1910 and have been assured it is power enough and new enough, 3yr old, to work well with the system. But up until now we've used only two channel and now will also be enjoying 5 channel.( no sub yet). Are you suggesting I'll have problems?
And for those other posts, after 4 years I'm sticking with problems and beautiful picture.
Slight thread hijack here. My Panny Versa 50" (which has been great for 6 mo I've had it) plays through my attached Yamaha 3.1 set up when I use regular TV, but will only play through the internal speakers when I stream from Netflicks, 'Zon, and the like. Any thoughts? Is it a TV setting issue?


I have to admitt, the days of my hooking up my components are gone. I had a crew come over and set up my present system including Netflix, pandora and remote everything. The wire bundle in back is amazing. So I could not say what the issue is........but someone here should be able to.
Brianpack, We checked, with ABT store Audio/Visual specialist, Panasonic's manuals and we found that it outputs only 5.1 Dolby with digital broadcast. We also checked the menu structure for output format setting and we found none. Perhaps Panasonic, to make it simpler, set it to Dolby only which is fine if you have AV Receiver but it doesn't work with 2 channel DAC like my Benchmark DAC1. I searched internet and found many people complaining. Samsungs have selectable format but Sonys are preassigned to 2 channel only (not 100% sure about it) according to salesman. It is possible that Panasonic fixed it but better check it out. Go to store that sells them and look for Digital output format setting in the menu.