Samsung PN-64D7000 vs. Panasonic TH-65VX100U

I need some help from the TV/Video guru's...

Please realize that I am a 2-channel music guy, who is setting up his first surround/theatre system. In fact, this is my first flat panel TV purchase. Therefore, a lot of this stuff is new to me.

I was just about to pull the trigger on a Samsung 64" plasma, either the PN-64D7000 or 8000.

As the final details were being worked out, the dealer that I have been working with let me know that he has a brand new Panasonic Premiere TH-65VX100U 65" plasma that was brought in for another custom project, which did not come to fruition. He has offered me this Premiere 65" for very close to what I'd be spending on the Samsung TV...I'm guessing that he wants to move this out, and (based on the silly high list price) is willing to do this for very close to his cost.

I realize that this is not apples-to-apples, in that the Panasonic is a video monitor only, not a true TV, as it does not have a tuner, speakers or offer 3D, etc.

From what I can find in the press, the Panasonic Premiere was a highly praised model 2-3 years ago. However, with the pace that technology changes, would it still be considered as a very strong performer agiast today's new models?

Ignoring that the Panasonic is a video monitor only and that it will not do 3D, etc, how does the video performance of this model compare to the aforementionned Samsungs or other current model plasma TV's?

Is the Panasonic Premiere TH-65VX100U still considered to be a great technology and performer or have the new models from other manufacturers sped by this one?

One last consideration, the room that this will be used in gets a good amount of day light. I'm not necessarily saying direct sunlight, but the room is well lit.

Because of the type of glass that Samsung is using on the D7000/8000, the reviewers have praised its performance in well lit settings. Should I epxect this to be a weakness for the Panasonic Premeire, as this was traditionally a downside with (older) plasma TV's?

I'm at a cross-roads and would appreciate any guidance that can be offered from those who are familiar with these models.

Thank you.
If it's a bright room, do not even consider a TV that has a glossy finished screen, insist on a matte finish. Also, the widths of the bezel can also be a problem if it, too, is glossy...

Since they did away with the Pioneer "Elite" plasmas I have only owned the Samsung 7XXX,8XXX series and would not consider any others for the time being. Their LED and plasma technology is first rate and they have the resources to keep it that way.
FWIW, Pioneer + Sharp + 2.5 years = Pro Elite 60" and 70". Updated Kuro-type technology yields blacks darker than plasma with a picture that puts all plasma and LCDs to shame. Quite literally. Once you've seen one properly set-up, anything else will be a compromise. Not cheap, but great quality rarely is... Just my $.02 since there is a new "ELITE" from Sharp/Pioneer that not many know about and I found out about purely by accident. Good luck.
i wouldnt purchase either of them. if you are going plasma {best type of display out there} i would go with the panasonic vt series any day. it is simply the best tv there is for the money.