Overcoming ba(e)droom accoustics

Room & Measurements: 1drv.ms/1Tu3mHK

I did exactly what I set out *not* to do with my stereo, I ignored the accoustic limitations of my room. I'll take recommendations however I'd appreciate direction more as to stay out of trouble in the future. "Give a man a fish.."

I live with the parents, the room doubles as bedroom/office. Stereo doubles for day/night listening. Concert levels not needed, approaching 85db the room sets the tone & degrades the sound.

I am thinking high-efficiency for wider volume range(avoid tuning for thermal compression?) narrow-dispertion/horns/dipoles as methods to negating sidewall reflections.

Limitations are budget($3500 max, no minimum,) speakers must be out in the room, room cannot be treated. Music preferences demand full frequency range, wide range of genres. I am willing to rebuild my stereo. Current components in play: Ultra Fi DAC, Triode Lab EL84 10W, FAL Supreme S. 

As long as the room is symmetrical you will be fine. Non- symmetrical rooms are a lost cause though, abandon all hope.
You can spend another $2500.00 & NOT get the same impact a few hundred dollars of treatment will give!Why can't the room be treated?There is 2 way tape that can easily be removed without damaging the walls.It won't take much,corner traps & an echo trap up high,first reflection point & something behind & in between the speakers.
Have you viewed my picture of the room? This site may load better:http://imgur.com/8mZZ0qo

None of the doors/closet/dressers can be blocked. Other than what can be seen in the picture there is a mirror just left over the dresser. Behind the camera is entirely bed give some space each side. There is a window on the back wall. I can provide further pictures if necessary.

I’m assuming space limitations count out treatment; between left speaker/wall there is just enough room to walk into the room.
Yea,tough looking room.If I were living in this room I would:1.Get a KA Headphone rig.2.Move the bed(which I assume is the listening position)directly across from the dresser.Use dresser for electronics,speakers on each side of dresser on stands pulled out just in front of dresser.Blanket over mirror when listening,maybe some treatments behind speakers on each side of dresser.The amp looks perfect.A speaker change to something like Sonus Faber Toy Monitors,Silverline Audio Minuet Supreme,Dali Zensor 1(or similar mini monitors) should give you a fully balanced sound without overpowering the room.Good luck...
The Wavetouch Grand Teton (2.0 or SE) may fit your bill. Their horns provide the narrow dispersion with a nice, lively sound and a very deep stage. Their measured 3db-down point is about 43 Hz, but may well go lower in your small room, of course. About 94 db sensitivity. They also do equally well in a nearfield setup (or quasi) as they do at normal distances.

I’ve found Mr Yoon to be a good guy to do business with. His company is in L.A.