help with choosing in the Tyler accoustics lineup

I emailed Ty some photos of my room and all the rooms’ dimensions and then we spoke on the phone for about 45-minutes and he has a hard time deciding which floor stander to recommend for my room as up to this point 95% of my system use has been for hometheater.... I told him that I am thinking I might want to dive into my CD's if I have some audiophile grade speakers. (my current speakers are PSB Image 5T).

My room is an open floor plan as you can sit in my kitchen and see the TV and I have this dining area that is basically in the same big room but separated by some short walls and archways.... basically the room living room portion is about 17X15... 10 foot ceilings, wood floors...

He proposed his Taylo 7U and he would upgrade them with the all the Linbrook components including the Seas Millennium tweeter. Then mate that with the Linbrook Center and some rears....

He also would make me some rear surrounds that would only be five inches deep, front ported and likely with the tweeter under a 5-inch driver... He said he has a design for this that he has made in the past for special situations.... my situation is special as I have no side walls and my sofa is pushed all the way against my rear wall... and putting bookshelf speakers on stands is not an option and neither is in-walls. He said these special application speakers would be something like 14X16 and 5 deep...

Ty, then followed up with an email where he was still unsure which speaker I might like best in my room as we were also talking about the Linbrook system II's... which I am leaning too.

I already have a SVS PC-Ultra

I know there are a lot of folks here who either own or have experienced Tyler Acoustics speakers … What are your thoughts.... Taylo 7U with upgrade or System II's???
Linbrooks all the way! I have the Sig. System Huge sound stage. gorgeous clear detailed sounds that are absolutely sonically true.
Just beautiful! Looooooong break in though.

good luck
I would also recommend going with the Linbrooks , they will work great in your room and sound amazing.. The are very clean sounding in all areas.. They have great detailed mids, clean airy highs, tight quick responsive bass and a nice soundstage.. I now own the Linbrook 1 pcs. system..
thanks guys, I am likely going to go with the system II's... now I just need to figure out which finish to go with and which 5 channel solid state amp pairs up nicely..... any suggestions?
I would recommend, just looking at Tyler's pics , pretty close to what you see when you get them home.. I like the natural Hickory , but i have them in Ribbon Mohagony, which looks pretty nice also..
Good luck and lets us know what you get?
I'm not sure which 5 channel to recommend. I use seperate amps, (a stereo amp and a seperate 3 channel amp) because I do mostly 2 channel listening. So, it would be a waste for me to have 3 channels sitting there doing nothing while I listen.
You should do a post in the Amps threads or do a search for 5 channel amps.
I bought the Linbrook system II's, linbrook center and Ty is making me some custom surrounds that are only 5-inches deep (because my sofa is pushed against my rear wall).

Ordered the mains and center in South African Rosewood and the rears in black ash.

Now I just need to find the right 5-channel amp.