Need Help - Difficult room accoustics

Trying to decide on a 5.1 setup in the 1500-$2000 range. Small floorstanders are OK but would also consider monitors. This a a HT room with:
Marantz SR8000
Sony DVP-S7000
Sanyo XP21N Front Projector
Dalite Cosmopolitan 120" Diagonal Screen

No way to change the following layout which I understand is far from optimal, so I'm hoping for some good advice.

L/R fronts must be within 1-1.5' from sidewalls and 5' from front wall with velvet curtains 1' behind the speaker location. (This creates a small 'studio' behind the projector screen and curtains.)

Approx 1' forward of front left speaker, the room opens up left nearly 8'.
Approx. 5' forward of the front right speaker, the room opens up right nearly 5'.
Seating location is right up against the rear wall, approx. 15' from the front speaker locations. 8' to the left wall and 5' to the right wall.
8' ceilings.
Room use is 60% HT/40% music.

What speaker would you recommend for this ugly situation? I'm thinking omnipolars (like the Mirage OM250 front and Omnisat rears?) because I'm afraid directional speakers can never work.

PLEASE, all opinions are greatly appreciated.
I'm not sure, but I think that omnipolars (like those new HORRIBLE Mirages!) are the LAST radiation pattern you'd want. You need to erase those cose sidewalls as much as possible. Tight-pattern HT speakers are best to erase the room as much as possible. Since the low bass may be VERY unpredictable in your setup, I'd certainly go with stand-mounted two-ways (so you could also adjust their height), and a good MOVEABLE sub). Any of a number of good monitors without a too-flaring tweeter (B&W is OUT!) should work well.
I'd try the Revel M20 ($$$), the Spendor S3/1p with its SC3 mate ($$), or any of a bunch of cheaper options. With the Revel and Spendor you can be assured of absolutely seamless front-trio staging as their driver-matching is without peer at their price-points. This will all help you erase the room.
Do make judicious use of thick carpeting, sidewall absorption (pillows propped on sofas, etc.), and possible dampening the farthermost sidewalls if you sense slap-echo.
Try to sit in the nearfield if at all possible. I recentl heard a 5.1 setup with the Mirages, and concurred with their dealer that they sound horribly swimmy. Yech.
Have fun.
Thanks for your advice.

What do you think of a 5.1 ROCKET setup? This is more in my price range! :)