Vienna Accoustics Mahler / Mark Levinson

I currently have a Mark Levinson 335 driving NHT 2.9 speakers. Sounds very nice, but it misses some coherence in the sound, IMO. Bass is very nice, detail is amazing. But the overall picture stops just a bit short of where I wanted it.

The 335 in to Vienna Accoustics Mahlers sounded absolutely great (Spent some time at a dealer listening..). I have a few questions about this combination.

First off, these are $10,000 list price speakers. What is a reasonable discount to expect on these?

Second, perhaps even more important: Is there any speaker better in this price range in combination with the 335? I play all kinds of music, mainly from CD and SACD. Source is a Sony SCD-1, Pre is Mark Levinson 380, Amp is Mark Levinson 335. Niels.

You might want to look at Audio Physic Avanti Centuries. They are a similar set up to the Mahler. I am using a ML #380, #39 and a 27.5 amp. The Centuries are about 8K, but you should be able to pick them up for between 4-5K. They sound MUCH better than the Virgo's.
The Revel studios come to mind in this price range. I have listened to the 380S/334/39 with these and the sound is very musical.
I think it is very unlikely you will get a discount on the Mahler's if they are new. The Vienna Acoustic line is carried almost solely the "audio salons", which rarely discount high-end highly priced speakers. I have seen one pair of used Mahlers advertised on Audiogon for either $8000 or $8500. You might be able to get some kind of price break if you were buying a system, but on the speakers alone it's unlikely.