Vinne Accoustics Mahler to Levinson 335?

Currently using Straightwire Maestro I (Not the current II) cables to connect the Vienna Accoustics Mahlers to Mark Levinson 335 amp. To me, it sounds pretty darn nice.

Wondering if anyone knows of a speaker cable that would make this sound even better? Cables need to be about 13 feet long, so that could be an issue I guess.

I'm not sure whether anyone would be able to give you specific recommendations unless they happened to own the exact same gear as you. However, two companies that seem to have garnered a lot of respect for good products at sane prices are Harmonic Technology and Analysis Plus. Good luck.
I have the Levinson No. 332 with B&W 801 III's and the speaker cables are Transparent Audio. The Transparent's and the Levinson work well together for me. Prior to purchase of the cables I listened to several different brands and models of cable but none of the others worked as well as the Transparents. Ultimately, you should plan to do the same. Listening to cables can be a grueling process, but the payoff is worth the effort. If you are in a position of not having a variety of cables avaliable from local dealers try the Cable Company ( They have a mail-order loaner program that could be your ticket. Good Luck, Doug