Ordered Visaton B200 for open baffle. Am I alone?

I'm posting this on the Speakers forum because it seems so easy to do it qualifies I think. Anyone else gone down this route. if so, whats your opinion? I will post what they do for me. Cheers, david
Similar....i've been toying with the PHY KM30 in a birch ply semi-open baffle (see PHY site for plans) with very good results. BIG, warm, lush, tonally correct, detailed but not in-your-face, and engaging. Having a great time with 2A3 & 300B.

Good luck and post back and let us know how you make out.
Nope, you;re not alone:) I tried the 200 on a 3'x4' baffle. As a "beginner's OB"... It turned out to be much more than a "beginner's" application.
See how it turns out for you. Check out Linkwitz (if you haven't already).
Read this:

I am using the PHY KM30 SAG in an open baffle. I am ecstatic with the results. Unlike Mbhcid, I wouldn't describe them as warm and lush in my system. But then again, he is using them with a 2A3 & 300B. I am driving them with a Berning ZH270 which would explain a lot of the differences we might be hearing.

However, I would agree with Mike that they play BIG with fabulous imaging, great tonality and a realism that is spooky at times.

I am using a Velodyne DD12 to supplement the PHY's below 40HZ, but when I turn my sub off, I really don't lose that much. But I do think my system sounds better with the sub on.

I won't be going back to boxes anytime soon. I am sold on the amazing "openness" of an open-baffle design. Quite frankly, I am surprised at how few have tried OB's. I am certain that many would be shocked at the OB sound compared to boxes.
I'm thorougly enjoying them in a set of 2x3 temporary baffles made from cork bulletin boards from Wal-Mart.

Fiddler, I probably should have prequalified my "warm & lush" statement by divulging that my last speaker was a Lowther-based design ;^)
Open baffles are very over looked by loudspeaker designers.More than a board with a hole the dipole sound and boxless bass detail are very funny to hear.
Where are you guys buying these drivers? I've already got Bastanis Prometheus speakers, and I don't see the OB 200's as a step up from them but it sounds like a fun project to do. Maybe combined with a Charlize amp too.

The best place I've found to buy them is at Solen in Canada
Thanks for the responses. My B200's are on order and arrive this week! I'm fascinated to see hpw they compare to my Quad esl57's.

Loudandclear, been reading your diyaudio thread. very inspiring. Found a great thread on audiocircle, where the writings of "richard" are one of my grerat recent discoveries:

Cloudyphiz, been wondering about those Bastanis speakers. would be intrigued to here how they compare to OB Visatons or similar.
Well finally set them up in OB chipboard 38"x26" ( no reason for this size other thanthis was the size of the board) and they are 45 hrs into breakin. I've been told 200-1000 hrs for proper breakin, but they are starting to come alive. Very interesting indeedy!! Bass is a bit lower than my Quads, there is a harshness to the treble that i've been told can be ameliorated mechanically, so no problem if its still there after breakin. More anon
I have a different driver in a o-b too and I could describe the sound that I hear as having the same quality as mbhcid just mentioned. I notice also that a cd could sound fantastic as another really bad.At first I tought that it was the speakers, the amp, but I realize that it was the recording. One other thing: is hearing so many detail info in the sound and recording such a good thing? because when you hear so many details you tend to focus your attention on the flaws that you're hearing. But when you have a well recorded cd, it's really awesome.
I am using Visaton B200s in an open baffle design. But the speakers look like a conventional narrow box speaker from the front and side. But the back is open and is covered with a removable speaker grill. The inside is heavily lined with acoustic foam that stops the back wave sound being wierd as it would otherwise be in such an arrangement. Firing down inside the box and with a little horn loading I have an open baffle 8 inch bass unit, the bass exits at the back and the driver is invisible to the listener. Firing straight up and mounted at the front of the top panel is a super tweeter. I do use some gentle cross-over tailoring. Just a cap on the super tweeter and just an inductor on the bass. Just an inductor in parallel with a resistor on the B200. Some of this is pure heresy to the open baffle crowd but I find the Visaton on a conventional large open baffle with no cross-over to be too bright and to lack bass, and lack high frequency extension. With my finished product I happily sold my Verity Fidelios. My Visaton-based speakers beat them in every musical respsct. I just love the sound of paper cones done right and open baffle bass is unbelievably good compared with boxed bass. Mine rolls off sharply below 40Hz but the quality of the bass is absolutely stunning.
Redkiwi, you are discribing a daffle or damped OB.
Yes, damped open baffle. I went this way initially because of the aesthetics (WAF). When I shift the Visaton B200 to a large open baffle board with no cross-over filtering, I don't think I am gaining noticeable amounts of immediacy or detail, or hearing any reduction in 'box sound' but I am certainly losing neutrality and musical enjoyment. In most of life's controversial issues I have not found the answers to be at the extremes, and finding the best trade-offs between the extremes is the way to go. Most people I know who have tried the Visaton in open baffle have eventually been driven to damp the rising frequency response. A lot look to augment the bass and quite a few find that adding a super tweeter is essential to get the air of music in real spaces. That journey happened for me.
I love making open baffle speakers. I wish I was more of a woodworker though. The sound of an open baffle is great, I will not go back to a boxed speaker again. I plan to buy the 200s and make another one. Too bad speaker manufacturers do not make open baffle speakers.
On graphs and in real live music the most music and linear driver I feel 
as well as many others is the Beyma 150 TPL -H. AMT driver from under.        1000 kHz to over 23khz , for around $400 eachThere  are also some super full range drivers 
for lower cost the Tangband 8 inch driver around $200 each.