Order of Operations

I’m in the midst of upgrading my vinyl playback. Currently I have a U-Turn Orbit with a Denom DL301mkii and a schiit mani. Yes I understand that the cartridge cost more than the turntable. And yes I also understand that the Mani’s 47ohm load isn’t enough for the cartridge. I have an ifi Zen arriving tomorrow because I’m curious if the different loading options will make a difference, but I’m not tied to keeping it. The ultimate goal is to upgrade to a “forever” setup and I like the Technics SL-1200gr and I’d like a PS Audio Phono to match my PS Audio Stellar Stack. I had a bad prior experience with a Rega P1 (wiring went to crap and couldn’t get a warranty repair) and as much as I like the VPI Prime, I just don’t want to dedicate that much money to it. 
So here’s the question. Knowing the U-Turn and the phono stages are going to be sold at some point, which would you replace first - the turntable or the phono stage - knowing it will be 18-24 months before the other is replaced? 
Second the turntable. The Mani punches way above its price point. If you're wary of VPI and Rega - don't be. They're both good, reputable brands and one bad experience shouldn't preclude the rest of the line. However, there are many models of Pro-ject, Music Hall, AT and others. 
Turntable. The way I see it, this is pure practicality and common sense. You get about the same sound quality change either way. Also, either way gets you to the exact same place in the end. But the phono stage you basically turn it on and forget about it. So you do that first and yes it sounds better, but just how much enjoyment do you get pushing that button each night? The turntable is the piece you see and touch and use side after side after side. I tell people all the time, never underestimate the value of having a good looking turntable it gives you pride and joy to use. Sound quality is important, sure. But it's not always all about the sound. So there you go.
Just as a note, the Mani power supply is a 16V AC transformer, not a typical DC wall wart.  The only external power supply that I've seen for the Mani is this one: http://www.swagmanlab.com/Product_PSU?product_id=670.  I have used the Mani with this power supply, and it was a nice upgrade.  You can't just buy a "16V linear power supply," as that would likely void the warranty and perhaps damage the Mani and/or downstream gear.  

Thanks for the link! I will be adding that in a month or two - I went ahead with the technics table and I’m enjoying it very much!