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Order of Operations
Thanks for the link! I will be adding that in a month or two - I went ahead with the technics table and I’m enjoying it very much! 
Order of Operations
Solid points, all. Much appreciated! 
Schiit order issue - anyone receiving shipments?
The world’s covid epicenter is right where their business is located and we just came off the holidays. Maybe cut them a little slack and see how communication changes/or doesn’t in the next week or two.  
What did your system look like 30 years ago?
My system only showed up on a sonogram.  
Your shipping wrecks. USPS,FED-EX and UPS
FedEx managed to destroy a pair of Audeze headphones I ordered a few weeks ago. Pretty impressive too because the packaging they came in was first rate. Shipping on the first pair via FedEx was delayed to me and back to the company I bought them f... 
Audiophile metal albums
Do the Deftones count? Ohms is pretty well recorded. White Pony is also a classic and isn’t over compressed.  
*WHITE PAPER* The Sound of Music - How & Why the Speaker Cable Matters
@TBakin63 - I believe the intro is an invitation for others test the methods and results for them selves. Perhaps instead of bashing his work you might test for yourself and report back? 
Family Problems...
Very helpful, all! The wife felt badly that it was damaged and surprised me this evening by telling me purchased a new one. I guess I’ll still look into re-tipping the broken one to have a backup down the line.  
Child Damage Mitigation
Ok circling back to read these responses and you people crack me up! As much as I'd love to have a dedicated listening space, my setup is in the living room and is common space. I love the idea of a moat, but the spouse approval factor is pretty l... 
Help!! Bought Rega TT in the UK and now cant use it in the U.S.
I’ve got a travel power converter from amazon that takes pretty much any voltage/frequency and converts it to North American 120/60. Could you find something marketed towards EU travelers that does the reverse?