Nordost Thor &State of the ART: Power conditioners

Looking for an outstanding conditioner that can help reduce some glare and sibilance/white noise on the highs in my system. Cymbals especially. Any ideas? Is the Thor as HP alluded to recently a new line in the sand when compared to extant world class balanced conditioners like the BPT, Isoclean, Audience, etc? I want to maintain the outstanding dynamics, transparency and detail of the direct wall connection but minimize the above hazards if possible. Am I asking too much?
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Audition the World Power PowerWing from It's a great unit. There's reviews linked at the website. You can audition the unit in your home too.
I hope you find out,I am so curious myself.Good luck,Bob
The only way to find out is try one in your system. My impressions are that the Thor tightens up the bottom end and improves image focus. It is especially noticeable when listening off axis, that for example a female singer is projected out between the speakers as a three dimensional image. I would not from my experience expect a reduction in glare as opposed to a direct wall connection. It does not reduce dynamics only a bit of warmth or bloat. I prefered the Thor by a large margin over other power blocks/conditioners. However, my Thor is currently parked. My system consisted of VAC 22.1 DAC, VAC PA100 amp, VAC Renaissance pre, and N802 speakers. I replaced the PA100 with a VAC PHI 110 and when used with the Thor it produced some unusual imaging and rolled off high frequencies. For some reason it isn't compatible with the PHI amp. I do feel the Thor affects soundstage and imaging. I was using a PS Audio Lab cable between the Thor and the outlet which probably is not ideal. When finaces permit, I will try a Valhalla cord and see what changes.
Have not tried the Thor but I would recommend you consider the line put out by Sound Applications. I tried a few and the moment that one went in my system, my search was done. I know another line to look up is another choice to consider. but give it at least a check out and go from there
Owl, what makes you think that the PLC can fix that problem? Just curious. Because with power conditioners you usually get improved imaging, focusing and soundstaging. Tighter bass and less grain on vocals. All results of a lowered noise floor. PLC will most likely not cure the sibilance. Not to a degree you are looking for. What are the components in your system? May be if you list them, you would get a valuable advise on what can be looked at to address this problem properly. Just my opinion.
Update: Tried the outstanding Oyaide AC outlets and it fixed the problem, BIG time to my shocked surprise. I'm not swapping these out for anything. I got the GX and XXX models and settled on the GX (gold over gold) for my EMM's stack. Things are crazy good now! The only problem I have now is trying to get some sleep. I may still look into conditioners as I like what they do with dimensionality and staging. AC is a funny thing and I think much underemphasized component of the reproduction chain. Amazing.
That's great. I was planning on trying these Oyaide outlets as well. As far as PLCs go, I really like Shunyata Hydra2. It's got only 2 outlets in the back and you can separate digital and analog this way. These things definitely work. And they are reasonably priced.