Non SVS subs with app or remote?

I love my SVS SB16s but would like something a little better for music. I'm also addicted to the app and can't fathom getting up to change volume/phase etc.. I love being able to immediately hear the difference in my listening position.  I know the higher-end REL's have a remote but is anyone else making a sub as good or better than the SVS with an app or remote?  
I have 2 Rel S5 clones (Sumiko S10). They do an excellent job and generally need no adjustment once set. I might change the volume or /crossover once during a listening session. But that isn't every session. So though i understand the need for remote on my preamp, I don't for the sub. But That is my system. Maybe its the difference between the integration of the Rel vs the SVS. The Rels add much more than just the lower bass. 
I've been reading some very good things about the Dynamo series from Martin Logan. Full app control and a second app for Anthem Room Correction. Very tight and musical. For example...
I’d think JL Labs offers something like that.  
If your sub is integrated properly you dont need a remote.
@missioncoonery  a couple of things about this line of reasoning.

1. getting it integrated properly is much easier making tweaks from the listening position as opposed to getting up/down multiple times to make minor adjustments.  Each time you do that, you alter your hearing perception - i.e. your brains capacity to remember what it heard a minute ago suffers.  But yes, over a long period of time, this can certainly be done.  But almost none of us have set-it-and-forget-it for long before making changes.. what we thought was the pinnacle of integration a month ago often changes...

2. I use mine for music and movies and they often require changes in volume depending on the soundtrack's recording, time of day (who's asleep in the house), and other variables.  I don't like adjusting my subs volume/phase etc from within my receiver - that's a beating and it only affects movies/tv..  Whereas tweaks from the app/sub apply the changes to both music and movies accordingly..  I use HT bypass so that's why I say that.

Perlisten - all their subs have a phone based app.  Technologically, they are incredible products.  They aren't cheap but have incredible software and a monstrous amount of power.  

I am planning on running a D12s at AXPONA in my room. 
If your sub is integrated properly you dont need a remote.
It sure seems like it would be a pretty useful tool for getting them integrated in the first place.