Nola Boxers vs. Reference 3A Dulcets

These two speakers are now pretty much at the top of my list for a 2-channel system using a Rogue Sphinx integrated, listening to vinyl and CDs. Does anyone have any input on how the Boxers compare to the Dulcets? Room is 13x11, carpeted, and I listen at low to medium volume levels. Thanks.
Anyone heard both of these?
I have the Reference 3A de capo be's in my 10'x14' carpeted room and they fill it beautifully. I'm not sure the smaller Dulcets would do the same compared to the Nolas, though.
Havn't heard Dulcets or the Boxers but I can agree about the De Capos have them in a 12x 20 room powered with a 4 watt amp. plenty of volume
ref 3a by far
I reviewed the Dulcets here:

That said, much as I adored the Dulcets, they will get congested if pushed too hard, so as suggested above by others, you may want to look at the De Capo BE. It's cut from the same cloth as the Dulcet but will play louder and has a more open sound.
But let me add that my room is only slightly larger than yours and for low to moderate volume the Dulcets did just fine.
I've always been intrigued by the Ref 3A line but have only had rare, brief listens at shows. I did get to set up Nola Boxers recently in my 13'x17.5' listening room and they were extremely engaging. Flexible in placement options, nice broad and deep soundstage, very natural and lifelike with a sort of "upbeat" character that were never fatiguing and remarkably full bodied...essentially the virtues of a great mini monitor with serious aspirations towards a well rounded floorstander. Well worth auditioning as you will be pleasantly surprised.
Lissnr, that is the type of sound I prefer, as long as the bass is decent enough. Your description of "full bodied" sounds like they would likely have enough bass. Anyone know any shops/sites that might give a deal on the price of new Boxers, besides paying list price? Thanks
nola boxer makes a special edition speaker
The upgraded Boxer S1 would probably be very, very nice, but it costs significantly more, and unfortunately is out of my price range of $1500 max. Hopefully I can find a shop or someone here can recommend one that will deal a bit on the standard Boxer so I can maybe save a few bucks off the $1500 price. Still gotta buy stands & cables also.