Stand mounts for VAC 160i? (Nola Boxers?)

I’m considering a system with VAC 160is powering Nola Boxers. Can anyone speak to this combination?

Any other obvious sub-$3k options for synergistic speakers?

Room is a shared 25’ x 12’ space, pure listening area 12’ x 10’. Speakers currently 6’ apart and 10’ from sweet spot. Speakers on the long wall, ~3’ out.

System will include a turntable and a DAC.

Wide range of music across all genres, focussing on smaller groups (jazz, folk, blues) as well as orchestral (classical, opera) and classic + indie rock.

Nola is a nice match with VAC electronics.  I have Nola Micro References with a Phi 200, and had also listened to the Boxers with the amp.  The combination sounded very good..
I am not familiar with the VAC amp. I do however own a pair of Boxer 2's. I run them with a First Watt F5,a pair of Monarchy Audio sm70mkII's,and occasionally with a hand built 10 wpc tube amp. They sound fantastic with any of my amps. I suspect they would be very impressive with the VAC amp. Best of luck!
Nola Contenders would also be a good match unless you want to stick with monitors. Carl's speakers are voiced and shown with VAC and ARC tube amps.