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Im a relative newbie to turntable setups etc,I recently bought a rega rp1 with performance pack and am now looking to buy a pre amp I've been looking at the jolida jd 9,does anyone have a opinion on this amp or can offer any other suggestions in this price range,any input will be greatly appreciated
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The Jolida jd 9 is a very well regarded pre. If you got the Elys cartridge, it may take some dialing in due to it's high output, but in the end you'll have a lush tube sound. And there are so many sonic possibilities if you want to roll the tubes.

There are many good phono preamps in your price range, so I'm sure you'll get lots of advice. BTW, what amp and speakers are you using?
As per Lowrider, please tell us more about your system. I once owned a JD 9. Thought it to be a very good phonostage. I would have kept it but went to the dark side (digital).
I haven't even looked at speakers yet lol,Im still trying to figure out what route to go with in regards to amps,thats why I'm here lol
IMO I would shop speakers first. To me all speaker manufacturers have a 'house sound'. Find the sound that suits your taste first. Then I think it will easier to find an amp to 'tweak' that sound you like.
I'm thinking go going with the audio engine 5+,amp suggestions
The Audioengine speakers have an amp built in along w volume control, so you would only need a phono stage aka phono pre-amp, if you are only going to use that one source. Give us a budget and we can make some recommendations. If you plan to connect more than one source, you would need a full function pre-amp (line plus phono stage) and most likely would run the volume control on the A5+ wide open and control the volume w the pre-amp.
my turntable is all ill be running Ive been looking at a Rotel ra 1520,and a fisher x-100,any opinions on either of these amps ?
I certainly agree with Xti16. The proper road is to get the speakers first and then figure out what components work well with it.
Corin- Both of those appear to be integrated amps; a pre-amp and power amp in one chassis. The Rotel seems to have a pre-amp output so you could use that to drive powered speakers but you'd be "wasting" the amplifier section. I can't tell if the Fisher has pre-amp output jacks. Here's an example of a phono stage that also has additional inputs for a line stage item like a CD player.
ok Im off the powered speaker approach I think I'm just gonna go with the fisher x 100 and hunt around for some speakers
The Fisher X-100 series of integrated amps are very nice vintage pieces, but keep in mind that when it comes to equipment that is 50 years or so old condition is a huge variable. If the example you are considering has not been serviced in the last few years by a reputable professional, or by a knowledgeable hobbyist equipped with the right instruments and supplies (e.g., a Variac, tube tester, contact cleaner, etc.), I would advise caution.

Also, in choosing speakers for use with an amp such as that one you would want to avoid those having low efficiency, and those having impedance curves best suited to solid state (as opposed to tube) amplification. Many of today's speakers are designed with the expectation that they will be powered with solid state amplifiers. Feel free to post back for further advice on that when you reach the point of considering specific speakers.

Also, just out of curiosity, which model in the X-100 series is it (X-100 or X-100A or B or C)? Some of those models used very different tube types than were used in some of the others.

Good luck. Regards,
-- Al
P.S. to my previous post: To be sure it's clear, you would not need the JD9 or any other separate phono stage if you went with either the RA-1520 or the X-100, as they both have built-in phono stages suitable for use with moving magnet cartridges.

-- Al
its the 100A and its been fully restored but he's asking 500 for it and I'm not sure if I should buy it or go for newer equipment,just out of curiosity what would be a compatible amp if i go with the Jolida pre amp,I'm trying to determine if its more cost efficient to go the pre amp route or to just spend little more and go for a decent integrated amp,I really don't want to spend over 800 seeing as I'm just getting into vinyl again
Well, as others have suggested you should probably choose your speakers before deciding about the amp, and the preamp and/or phono stage if the amp doesn't include those functions.

Provided that the X-100A is TRULY well restored, and provided that you find speakers you are happy with that are good matches for the X-100A, I think you would be unlikely to get significantly better sonics than it would provide for anything close to $500 plus the price of the speakers.

HOWEVER, going with that amp would seriously constrain your choice of speakers. It appears that the X-100A does not provide 4 ohm output taps, just 8 ohm and 16 ohm taps. So the speakers should not have an impedance which drops below the 6 to 8 ohm area at any frequency. Also, the amp's maximum power capability is only about 17 watts per channel. So the speakers you choose would have to have fairly high efficiency, to a greater or lesser degree depending on the dynamic range of the kinds of recordings you listen to (i.e., the DIFFERENCE in volume between the loudest and the softest notes, symphonic classical music being one of the most demanding genres in that respect), and on your preferred volume levels, room size, and listening distance.

As far as the JD9 possibility is concerned, the only constraint use of that phono stage would place on an integrated amp that would be used with it is likely to be that you should avoid amps having low input impedances. The JD9 has a specified output impedance of 600 ohms. Chances are that rises to significantly higher values at deep bass frequencies, perhaps something like 2000 to 4000 ohms at 20 Hz. To assure that no deep bass rolloff would occur as a result of an impedance matching issue, it would be safest to multiply the higher of those numbers by 10 to determine the minimum preferable amplifier input impedance, meaning 40K. Lower values might work satisfactorily, but would create some uncertainty.

Good luck. Regards,
-- Al
What do you have as a budget for speakers and amplification (integrated + phonostage)?

Were you considering the RA-1520 as a new or used unit?

the RA was used but I've now changed my mind for the 50th time lol,I think I'm gonna go with a rega brio integrated amp and do some research into speakers,didn't realize there was so many nuances to speakers amps etc,I was hoping to only spend a total of 800 to a 1000 for speakers and amp but it seems to have a decent system even at entry level its going to cost me more than that.