new Pure Note Alluvion speaker cables

Any opinions on new Pure Note Alluvion speaker cables?
I have them breaking in now, I will comment later. Very well made cables. Beautiful carbon sheath. Pure Note's best work IMO.
I made an order. Considering the purchase of Pure Note silver jumpers as well. Your detailed report will be appreciated!
Anxiously awaiting your impressions on these cables, while their sale is still going on. Thanks in advance for your time and valued opinion!
So far, very close to the Titanium-XL but much more musical in the mids. Superior to the Enhanced Paragons. Nice build quality. More to come...
So far, a bit compressed as compared to Cerulean. I will try to replace the jumpers with copper ones.
The cables have leveled out after 100 hours. Very liquid now in the mids and highs. Nice black background and female voices are very natural.

Will try the interconnects next before the sale ends in a few days.
12-25-08: Transl
So far, a bit compressed as compared to Cerulean. I will try to replace the jumpers with copper ones.

I own the Cerulean. Great speaker cables. I can just imagine how good the Pure Note higher range stuff would sound.
Who knows whether the Alluvion is "higher range" stuff as compared to Cerulean or not. The Ceruleans are more straightforward - tight bass, huge dynamics, midrange is a bit lean (perhaps, with my open baffle speakers). The Sonic Genius is right - the Alluvions have a dark background and are very liquid. Nice cables, anyway.
Burning-in the RCA ic's now. Nice sound out of the box. Love the connectors (same ones used on early Valhallas). Will report back next week.

Transl: What was your final verdict on the speaker cables after break-in?
The final verdict is very favorable. The cables now produce a very interesting effect - I don't "hear" any cables at all. Just an open space between and around the speakers with instruments floating in the air.

I hope to read your update on the I/C cable.
I now have 100 hours on the Alluvion RCA interconnects. My first impression is the fact they are not there. The background is dead black (reminds me of my Kuro HDTV). The music flows effortlessly. No edge at all in the mids and highs. Bass is deep. These cables don't sound silvery.

I love the connectors. They fit tight and I can do on-the-fly changes without popping my speakers. These are the same connectors that are found on the Nordost Valhallas. The cables are also light and flexible, nice to handle.

Prices are more than the Paragons but far less than the Titaniums. Overall (IMO), Pure Note's best product in their ten years of existence.
Same effect with speaker cables. Nice work!
Any new updates on the Alluvions? Would certainly appreciate impressions from you guys now that you've had a while to live with them. I've had the cerulean for a few years and the Alluvions are intriguing.
The Alluvion speaker cables are very clean without being harsh. I did not compare them with Ceruleans but the Alluvions seem to be more "polite". Those who like strong and low bass should look elsewhere.
Good to know, thanks Transl. Anyone else care to comment?
A friend was raving about the Alluvion PC. Have a few months on one and it really makes a differences no matter which component I use it on. Great dynamics and black soundscape. Completes my system with the i/c and speakers cables.
I use an Alluvion digital cable. It's the best that I've tried. Transparent, very smooth, with excellent soundstaging and dynamics. A bit polite, perhaps, but plenty of good, strong bass in my system.
What other PCs have you compared to the Alluvion?
Currently using the Alluvion IC for my center. It does sound very liquid but debating whether it's worth the extra $$ to upgrade my Paragon Enhanced for the L/R channels.
I have gone through many of the higher cost PCs. Also I own the Pure Note Paragon PCs but the Alluvion is superior in terms of blackness and bass slam. I also own the Pure Note Titanium i/c and speaker cables but the Alluvion cables are on par or better, IMO. Pure Note has always been about great bang for the buck which is why I am an avid fan.
Thanks Sonic. Have owned the Epsilon, Cerulean and now the Paragon Enhanced ICs with the Cerulean speaker cables, I agree with Pure Note being one of the best bang for the buck. Might give the Alluvion PC a demo. Only had the Paragon PC and didn't care much for it.
Been auditioning a 1.5m IC and it has about 100 hours on it. I'm a bit concerned now because my system sounds a bit veiled. I actually noticed it early on but I figured additional break-in would changed the situation. Have had PN Epsilons/Cerulean/Paragon and none have exhibited this "sound". Can anyone comment? How are the Alluvions working out for everyone else?
Nope. The Alluvions are a more accurate cable in terms of neutrality. Their previous models always had a lively clean sound to them. I suspect the palladium tones down the silver. I think it depends on your system. In my case the Alluvions are very liquid and natural especially on bright recordings. When I compare Alluvion to Paragon, the Paragon is more falsely detailed. The Epsilons were the brightest with the most edge.
Thanks for the reply sonic.
Actually, I think the cables needed more than 100 hours of burn-in as it sounds great now. The alluvions are as advertised and much more liquid than the paragons in my system. Something I think I had to get use to, since I was using the paragons for about 2 year.
Yes, they are sweet cables in most systems. They are smoother than the Valhalla IMO with just as much detail.
any one try the new Designer series cables from Pure Note? If so, what do you think about them?
See my comments under the "Bander" thread.