Pure Note Alluvion speaker cables

I will appreciate any opinions on the Pure Note Alluvion speaker cables. I've read more reviews on their I/C cables than speaker cables.

As far as I know, Purenote now sells them cheap, while I puchased my Alluvion cables for $1140 (at a 40% disciount at tghat time) a couple of years ago.

Perhaps, I did not have enough patience to let them break in and removed them after a week but occasionally used them in difefrent amps. My initial opinion was that they are very CLEAN and musical, if a bit sterile and light in the bass, and I used other cables...until recently when I was trying various cables with my NAF Legend-II amplifier (I was trying hard to tame the brightness of this amplifier, changing tubes, I/C cables and power cords, to little effect. When I connected Alluvion cables and let them warm up a bit, the sound became more natural and clean and that nasty "brightness" disappeared.

Is it a question of sinergy or some amplifiers are less sensitive to cable changes, while others are more sensitive?
I have never found the Alluvion speaker cables to be bright. They are typically neutral and reveal defects in gear and recordings. This looks like what you have discovered.

Also Pure Note is now sold through TRS Audio. Their prices have come down and they do free shipping now.

I used Pure Note (TSR) Titanium speaker cables for quite a while. At one time they were their reference cables. In my system they outperformed, Silversmith and Acoustic Zen Satori's
Hey Bander, I see you are selling your Pure Note Titaniums. What are you upgrading to?