DH Labs Revelation vs. Pure Note Alluvion?

Looking to upgrade my current balanced IC (DH BL1 ver.II) to a more transparent and liquid one. The BL-1 is really good for its price point, but I would like to try something more resolving.
I have in mind the DH Revelation and the Pure Note Alluvion (has to be balanced).
It will connect the DAC which directly drives the power amp. I have seen many raving posts about both and both seem to be in the same price bracket. I understand that the Revelation balanced is not shielded but probably it shouldn't be an issue at a short length. Both are praised for not being harsh or "silverish" after a good breaking period.

Any opinions? Any comparisons between the two?

Many thanks,

I had the Revalation, wanted to like 'em, but never found anything to like. I thought they sounded hard and brittle with awful tambre and horrid sound staging. I was happy to be rid of them. (at the time I a/b'd em with a friends Nordost Red Dawn and the nordost smoked 'em.)