New Production EL34 / 6CA7

I'm looking for recommendations on new production EL84's. Plan to use them in a vintage Dynakit ST70 that I am currently restoring.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

IMO SED EL34 Best of the New production tubes..Haven't tried them all but have tried a few and the SED has the best all around balance..Just my Opinions..I am sure other have had success with others...........
I've been using Mullard EL34s in a Ming DA integrated for the last several months. They came highly recommended from Kevin Deal @ Upscale Audio. I would have to agree with his evaluation........ Excellent sounding tubes and leave nothing to be desired in an EL34.
I also like the SED "Winged C" EL-34s. I've used them in Dynas and Marantzes, and (in these circuits) they have the lowest measured distortion (3rd H) as compared to Electro-Harmonix, Teslovak, Sovtek & Reflektor variants. They've also been very consistent and durable.
Another vote for the SED Winged C EL34's. They compare very well in my system with the more expensive NOS EL34's I have.
Another vote for the SED =C=
Thanks Guys,

Looks like a consensus is forming in favor of the Winged C's. I'll give them a try.
My Dyna ST 70 has a Sound Valves Board and it was overhauled by Tom Tutay. I have tried every EL 34 that is currently marketed.
The best performance was the EH EL 34's in a matched quad configuration. I had been purchasing mine from Triode but they seem to be getting away from carring tubes so my last set purchased just a couple months ago were from Jim McShane. Search for him on google. He check each tube himself and doesn't rely on the manufacturer to do the matching. Wonderful. They biased up perfectly and I'm ver satisfied.
Prior to this purchase I bought a matched quad of the Platinum Series. I paid more money for them but they failed within 2 months and the store would not replace them. They won't be seeing my green in the future.
I had a friend that tried several other types of EL 34's and I told him to try mine and he bought his amp over. He was using the C wings and the EH's had more air and a better top end. The midrange was excellent too. I got a very natural sound from my EH's. The only other tube I truly liked was the original Tesla's. In the Stereo 70 that is. I have had mine for over 10 years and won't part with it. I'm currently driving a pair of Magnepan MG12's with my Dyna. Excellent!
The only shortcoming is the bass is a bit fat without using filters to correct it.
Anyone compared the Wing C and the new production Mullards? Main differences? I am down to these two to try in my manley Snapper amps.
Another vote for the =C=(SED St Petersberg plant) that Upscale Audio carrys ( They sounded so nice in my old ST-70(tastefully modded), that when I could no longer find/afford NOS, matched octets of 6550s for my Cary monoblocks; I went to the SED 6550Cs for them as well.