NOS Tung Sol 6550 VS Tung Sol 6550 New Production

Has anyone had experience with the new Tung Sol 6550 new production power tube. If so how does it compare with the NOS Tung Sol 6550 ones. I want to replace my stock Sovtek 6550 in my ARC Ref 6 . But from what im seeing the NOS Tung Sol 6550 is way up in price of about $ 350. And the new Tung Sol 6550 new production power tube is about $ 35 from the Tube Depot. 
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They are two different tubes.  The NOS tube was made in the US in the 50s and 60s, the current tube is made in Russia and only shares the branding with the old tube.  The factory in Russia pays someone for the use of the Tung Sol name and others like Mullard.  

I think it would be unlikely that you would get an improvement in sound equal to the increase in cost.  Unless any improvement at any cost is worth it to you, I'd stick with the current production Tung Sol.
Never listen to Sylvania 6550's from the 1950's  , you will never be satisfied
with new anything tube !
schubert ....what do u mean .....Never listen to Sylvania 6550s from the 1950s
@tattoedtrackman- Just my take on what Schubert meant: The only current production output tubes, that can compete with the old Sylvanias, GEs, Mullards, Tung-Sols, Genelex, etc, are the EAT KT88s. Once having listened to those old tubes, they spoil some of us for anything else. Of course, everything’s VERY subjective, regarding sound quality, aural acuity, pickiness and how much one’s willing to spend. If my money wasn’t funny, I’d still be using NOS GE 6550As. Alas: eight of them, or anything else in their class, have now exceeded my willingness to spend. I’m listening to an octet of the Russian version of the Genelex KT88s, in my Carys. If I ever win a Lotto, NOS Tung-Sols will be on my agenda.
I think that the 6550 the OP is referring to is used in the power supply of his preamp.  I don't think it would have the same impact that a set of NOS power tubes in an amp would.  If I'm wrong, let me know.