New Magneplanar Bass Panel DWM

Just saw magnepan has a new bass panel out. Looks like it could be interesting.
Yep, heard them at THE SHOW out in Vegas in January. They converted me back over to a Magnepan enthusiast. They had two of them with a pair of 3.7 speakers. It was the best bass of any of the speakers at the CES show....even better than the 265K mbl Extreme speakers. Demo material was great with orchestral drum whallops, pipe organs, drums, electric bass material. Very high WAF as they can be used as end tables on each side of a couch. Highly recommended, and affordable, unlike 90% of all the other speakers at both shows.
I have heard conflicting stories as to whether the DW-1 "end table" version is actually going to be offered. I know it has been out there in demo form but even info from Magnepan has cast some doubt on it. It would be a shame if not, since it really does have a great WAF.

BTW: Has anyone actually tried one or maybe two DMW's in your home systems with a 3.7's or larger? I have heard they are good with MMG's etc to add bass but considering their relatiave small sq footage relataive to the bass panel areas of a 3.7 or 20.7 I am curious as to how much additional bass they can add.
I gather they were quite a hit. Magnepan says they've had a flood of orders since the show.
These, as the website shows I think, were originally designed to be part of the mini desktop system and to agument the MMG panels. Considering their rather small square foot surface area has anyone had personal experience using one (or two) to add more punch to the larger 3.6/3.7 or 20.1/20.7's? Are they large enough to be significant. I wish they made a full size stand alone bass panel you could buy like the old Tympanis had. They would probably not have much WAF however.
The concept of this is correct bass in a given room.
Only you can tell if you need them by doing the experiment.
After installing many pairs of DWMs in rooms with testing speakers 3.7 1.7 etc disappear just as before but at the same time allow the Musics foundation to be solid.
Music like Neal Youngs Hart of Golds Kick drum offered a definition experience that many other speakers just dont have.
JohnnyR Magnepan Dealer
Bbro, Magnepan suggests the DMW might be used to augment bass, depending on the main speakers and the room. In many situations the 20.x or 3.x may be adequate by themselves. But in some cases improvements may be realized by the addition of one or two DMWs. After all, the CES demo was made with 3.7s.

I think it was coincidental that the DMW may have been designed as part of the Mini-Mag system and later found to benefit floor standing Maggies as well.

The key seems to be in finding the appropriate amount of woofer driving area (number of square inches) for a given room.
I like the concept but a larger panel option would be nice.
They also suggest the DWM to be on the same plane as the speakers but 12 inches closer to the listener. I cannot see any WAF in these as it looks like you would have to have a dedicated room to be able to pull this off.
I'm excited about the DWMs and will be buying them, probably in 2014. I have well-reviewed ported powered sub in my Maggie system and I think it sucks, frankly. I also don't think subwoofers are an important part of the musical experience, but am interested in trying the DWMs to see if my opinion is based on flawed system synergy. Anyway, this is an exciting development and the DWM is pretty affordable.
I spoke with Magnepan sales dept yesterday and they informed me that they ARE NOT making the DW-1 and you therefore can not order one. Just to clarify my post above.

The DWM's are usually used against a side wall or another barrier and that provides significant bass reinforcement. Acoustically, it doubles with the width of the baffle, which lowers Fequal, the point at which the 6 dB/octave dipole rolloff begins. You can hear the same effect by moving any Maggie up to touch the wall. In addition, if they're close to the main speakers, there should be some mutual coupling of the baffles. So the DWM's can be smaller than the floor standers for a given amount of bass.
Harri, the DWM's are small and can be hidden behind or in furniture. They're typically used against a side wall. Of course, this won't work out in every room.
Josh here is what magnepan says about it
Phasing-- Imagine scribing a line on the floor at the same distance as the speakers by using a string attached to the listening chair. The Bass Panel can be placed anywhere on this equi-distant arc. However, this equi-distant arc needs to be 12 inches closer to the listening seat for optimum phasing.
Harri, absolutely. I wasn't suggesting otherwise, just pointing out that they can be hidden behind furniture (per Magnepan). They can even be inside it. But they do have to be located on the speaker arc, 12" closer.
I want to hook 2 bass panels to nice studio book shelf speakers.    Worth a try  ?  Bad idea ? I know there not subs.   But should go lower.  Yes?
I had one with my 3.7i's.  Do not expect them to sound anything close to a sub because they don't.
twoch---Lower, no. The DWM doesn’t play lower than the MG3.7, or even the 1.7. But it does provide more output above the frequency at which Maggies start rolling off---40-45Hz. It’s NOT a sub, it’s a bass driver.
I live in a small house with a small listening area sectioned off the circular shape of the floor in my round house. I recently connected Magnepan 0.7s to my system. The room is not big enough for larger speakers, even if I could afford them. According to the A weighted sound pressure meter at the listening position, the reading I looked up for the difference between 1 kHz and 100 kHz on a test CD was right withing a fraction of a decibel. Since the DWM works between 40 and 200 Hz, this seems to mean I would not benefit from adding a DWM. Below the 45 Hz I have a pair of subwoofers. In a bigger room I might need the bass panel, but for now, the 0.7s sound so clear and transparent I don't think I want to change anything.