New Audience Ultra High Resolution Adept Response

Has anyone had some experience with the latest power conditioners from audience. I read from the website that they use aura teflon capacitors and are available for ar6 and ar12 models.
My local dealer has no interest in bringing them in and therefore does not have any information other than what is found on the website.
Hi Dtanclim,
I have a dealer friend that let me borrow an AR6 with the regular caps while I waited for the new unit with the teflon caps. Audience made him break it in for 500 hours before he was allowed to deliver it to me. What I noticed is that the teflon caps improve the resolution or clarity more than the regular unit. I will try to quantify what I mean by stating it this way. If the regular AR6 "moves the bar" by a factor of 10, then the AR6 with the teflon caps moves "the bar" another 30%.
The regular unit is fabulous and should easily satisfy most audiophiles. But, if you are a rabid audiophile like myself then once hearing the teflon unit I can't go back to the regular AR6. I hope this helps.
i own the adept response and have compared it to the t version. i suggest you audition one.

i personally prefer the original. the t version seems to provide more focus and clarity.
I'm late to this, by far, but still...

I have the aR1p and now the aR2p-T (Teflon) version. The difference between the two is extremely significant. The ar1p seems slightly dark and rich, but nonetheless excellent. It does have a slightly "processed" sound (exceedingly minor).
The 2T version is like a direct-to-disc sensation when compared to the 1. Also, instruments seem vastly more "real" in the sense of hearing all the dynamic inflections, carrying it away from "Memorex" and much, much closer to "Live."
In other words, get THIS before you buy any more equipment, and you'll be able hear - nearly instantly -what any gear you're auditioning sounds like. In other words, (all?)distortions being gone, the contributions of all your gear is revealed to you.
This is a killer piece of equipment. The last time I heard something that made look at it/them twice with mouth agog was the Hurricane amps. This Audience piece? It brings REALITY into your system. a $30,000 speaker upgrade MIGHT do this, too, but if I can get a $30,000 upgrade for $1600, I'll take the latter. The Audience Teflon units can do that. I tried the aR2p, the non-Teflon unit ($695) as well, by the way. NO CONTEST. Like....NONE.NADA.ZILCH.NOT EVEN REMOTELY CLOSE.
Oh, and did I mentioned that I've had mine for less than 96 hours and it's still breaking in, and the 500 hour mark is when, supposedly, it's all done?!?!? Although, I bet at 200 hours, it sounds pretty killer. 400 hours to go and IT SOUNDS LIKE THIS ALREADY?!
I read that Audience has a new power cord for their conditioners as well which is much better than the original.I beleive the price is $2400. for the cord and makes a vast difference.

I have the original adept response. I see you can have the original upgraded to the new version.
Yes, We had the aR2p unit. It was nice, but I wasn't "taken" by it. Very lighweight sound, not at all like the aR1p unit. We returned it, and got the 2p-T instead, after seeing the rapturous reviews. "What the heck, if it isn't Nirvana, we needn't keep it." Dream on. It came. It saw. It conquered.
HI I have AUDIENCE 6T i had ps audio P300 Audience 6T has much more dynamic quieter MUCH MUCH Deeper wider soundstage!! I also Tried Nordost THOR. AUDIENCE 6T just much better in evey way!!
What I would love is to have someone compare the Nordost, the Synergistic and the Audience. I have to say, the Audience is by far the most advanced component I've ever had. There really is nothing that made my system sound as completely "real" as this. I do not say that my system sounds like "the absolute sound," only that at the 100 hour mark, it brings one the sense of the "action" of instruments (i.e., flutes project upward, tubas "downward" (and everywhere), brass sounds like a person is playing it instead of mere notes being played. There's little point in writing to convince anyone: if you can't hear, after the 100-hour break-in, how completely it allows music to resemble the way it sounds in a concert hall, then you may just not be familiar with what real music sounds like.

Is there a difference between the Audience and the Bryston Torus conditioner?
How does it compare to the all new ByBee Wire power conditioner ???
What a coincidence!
I just replaced a Audience AR12T....with the Bybee!

How do they compare?

Well, the Audience sits in its box waiting to be sold on Agon!

Nuff said!
AR12T Takes 400hours to break in fully I cant see bybee being as good!!
Did anyone compare the Synergistic Power Cell 10SE, Audience 12T and ByBee Wire power?
Look at this...
wow that is a serious blow the competition out of the water review. This review alone should sell lots of bybees. Will stick with my ar6t for now ... clean power could really take off in the next couple of years.
Reviews are useful as a guide to narrow down ones options but at the end of the day one still needs to listen and compair conditioners in their system before reaching a meaningful conclusion.

I'd say you could pick between Audience, Bybee, Synergistic Research and Running Springs when narrowing down your options for a best-of-the-best in home shoot out.
Of this group, I have only had the RTP-6 and the SR Powercell 10SE in my system. The fact that the author of this review preferred the RTP-6 to the other contenders (excepting the Bybee) tells me a lot. It is a nice conditioner, but largely has the sound of the Oyaide R1 receptacles that it uses for outlets with perhaps a touch of reduction of the noise floor due to the tourmaline crystals it uses inside. I returned it, preferring the sound of my system with the power cords plugged directly into my 30 amp dedicated line via the SR Telsaplex receptacle.

The Powercell 10SE is a whole 'nother matter. Absolutely transformed my system in terms of dynamics, soundstaging, and air and transparency. I have learned to ignore reviews and posts on power conditioners if they are not compared directly to the Powercell 10SE as it is the benchmark for all others to aspire to.
It would be nice if someone who has heard both the Power Cell 10SE and the Bybee Purifier could comment.
The question to inquire about is: what is the absolute reference in this case?
We, many of us, like "better bass" "more 3D" without any reference to "....cellos sound like this in the Muskervein..." or "drum overtones sound like this in Carnegie..."
In other words, we know what an actual instrument sounds like or else we simply like what instruments sound like with our preamp, amp, cords, line conditioners.
There are silly comparisons to other units' "stage width" or "depth." Nearly no one compares to instruments in their room, or halls. And almost no one even plays an actual instrument that he/she compares to on these sites.
You can have live or you can have faux live. If you KNOW "live" you don't compare to other units: you compare to LIFE.
It is an astonishing product. I have a what I thought was a great system - Verity audio Parsifal encore speakers, RM9 -SE Amp, CAT Ultimate preamp and the Jadi CD1. I had been enjoying music immensely and then I got the Adept Response. It took the system to a whole new level. I find it imposiible to listen to music whitout it. I live in NYC where the electricitity is notoriously bad so I don't know if it will have the same effect elsewhere.
The very latest version has the Teflon caps and a big copper ground plane. Many were spotted at the California Audio Show that was on recently in Emeryville.

I own a Synergistic Powercell 10SE, and recently tried a scaled down version of the Bybee conditioner. This one had the Golden Goddess filters inside, with a Slipstream purifier in the noise circuit.

The 10SE is much better on source components. In fact, I have not heard the benefits of what the 10SE does for source components on any of the ten or so devices(conditioners), that I have used. On tubed equipment, I prefer neither of the two. The 10SE does not do much, and the Bybee dulled the upper and lower range, while making the midrange a little more warm sounding.

i prefer the Z-der Block, by Ridge Street Audio, on the tubed equipment, with a specialty power cord to the wall outlet.

For amps (SS), I plan to try the Audience conditioners, while leaving the !0SE on the source components, and the Synergistic Cable Cells on the interconnects.

The Bybee unit did work very good on video screens and the computer, but very expensive for the small upgrade.