Anybody heard the Resolution CD55?

I am considering buying the Resolution CD55. Has anybody heard this player. If so, please share your impressions. Thanks.
Hi Avkmusic, look into this same forum "Recommended cd player with vol....", the subject will really hot you up!! Enjoy.
I owned the cd50 and now own the cd55 and they are both great players. The 55 is a little better in most respects.
Dtailed without grain, great dynamics, no roll offs. Great value
The CD55 represents a slight improvement over the CD50 (which is a great player). It is somewhat more refined and smoother overall. While the midrange on both is very similar, the CD55 has the edge in the high end. The CD55 has a little less bass than the CD50, but it is extremely tight and detailed. Both present a wide and deep soundstage and are very resolving without sounding analytical. The CD50 caused me to sell my separates a while ago, the CD55 is even better. You won't be disappointed in the CD55 (be advised that it does take a while to breakin).