Need Recommendation on Best CD player under $1,000

I have Wadia tastes, but not the budget. My electronics; Rowland preamp, Edge power, Thiel 2.3 speakers (w/Vandersteen sub.) Tastes range from Hildegard Von Bingen to Korn and everything in between. I've gone the used "out-of-business" route with a Kinergetics KCD-20, but when the transport died and no parts were available, I had an expensive boat anchor. Recommendations?
I assume this $1000 means brand new....
Used for $1000 you could buy multi-dozens of players.

The second from the top Cambridge Audio 740c is $999 with free shipping at many dealers, so you saved $1.00 (LOL!) MSRP is $1099.

The Rotel RCD-1072 is a good choice for $699 MSRP.

The Rega Apollo for $995 MSRP

Music Hall CD25.2 is $600 MSRP

Spearit Sound has a demo Music Hall Maverick CD/SACD player for $987. (MSRP is $1499). Would have new warranty.
If you buy used, Naim CD5i is an excellent player.
Thanks for the recommendations. I should have clarified. I'm not opposed to used, just used from manufacturers that are no longer in business and parts aren't available.
Easy. Playstation 1 SCPH-1001 at $25. (Okay, let the barrage begin!) I also agree with Lamcam that Naim CD5i is a great deal when purchased used. Apollo, too.
A $1000 CD player does not do the rest of your system justice. Remember that the quality of your system's sound begins at the source.
Pick up a Sony CE 595 ($150) and have it modified for $750 by Paul/Brian Weitzel at Tube Research Labs (TRL). Takes the player to another level. Lots of information here on A-gon and elsewhere.
While I basically agree with Tvad, remember that today's $1,000 CD player, technologically was a $3000 to $5000 player 10 years ago. Your other gear was about the same 10 years ago.

If they took the guts out of any of these players, put it in a fancier case and put Mark Levinson on the front, a lot of people would gladly pay 3 to 5 times as much and not know the difference. We all (me included) focus too much on the price.
I believe a used, modified player in the $1000-$1500 price range, from one of several respected modifiers will be more satisfying than an equally priced stock unit. Primarily, this is due to optimization of the player's performance through re-design of the power supply and output stage, and due to the use of higher quality parts.

Another option would be a used Sony DVP-S7700 DVD player used as a transport (about $150) and a new Paradisea+ DAC (about $650 including shipping).
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The Jolida JD100 used at $600(Agon) is hybred unit with a tube output stage is a great player, add $250 for a great set of tubes and it will sing.
NAD T585
You said $1,000. If that number can be stretched it a bit, you can buy a new Doge 6 for roughly $1,500 delivered. Not be be pretentious, but a number of people with very high-end systems have purchased this player over the last year -- it is currently a hot player among insiders. It uses six tubes in a hot-rodded triode output stage. The same player, rebadged with the name "Lua", after the designer, is sold in Europe for 5,000 Euros. I bought one about six weeks ago and it is VERY good. My only knock is that the drawer and buttons on the front panel are cheap -- the build quality is otherwise high and it is a solid, beefy component. If you google "Doge 6", you will find the U.S. distributor, Pacific Valve (they are in Chicago).
Thanks for all of the great input. You've all given me valuable options to pursue.
Find an old Magnavox 1041 or 2041 with a good transport and swap it out to the KCD20. It's an easy swap. Just take the top off and unscrew the single center screw holding the transport in place. Gently remove the cables and pull out the old transport.

You need a transport from a TDA1541 and it reads CDM2/10 on the transport.

Do a search for the Sterremuur website on google and include TDA1541.

I have a KCD20 with the KCD40 chip upgrade and I've replaced my transport twice. This last time it runs like new.
PS. Do you have the remore eye for the KCD20? If you do, can you email me some info on it. I'm looking for one and dont have the slightest idea what to look for.

Used Cambridge 840C's pop up regularly here on Audiogon for $900-$1000. Outstanding player IMHO for that kind of money. It shouldn't be out of place in your system.
The new top of the line NAD is outstanding for the money (about 600 new) as is the REGA Apollo for about 850.
Some good recommendations here. You might consider trying a Music Hall CD25.2 Cd Player and replace the analog output stage opamps with a pair of Burson Discrete Opamps. Pretty easy to do, comes in under budget, and (to my ears in my system)has the best sound under $1K. The Bursons take a decent CD player and turn it into a real contender with just about anything I've heard in my 20-plus years of neurosa. I have the Music Hall paired with Thiel 3.6 speakers and I think it would mate well with your 2.3s. Good luck...
Well I hope the OP has purchased something by now. This thread was over 1 1/2 years old.