Need low price cartridge for Scoutmaster

So the needle of the Ortofon 2m blue came out on my Scoutmaster with a JMW tonearm (not super or signature)and I want something inexpensive. I thought about the dynavector 10x5 but wonder if even a Denon dl-301 would sound good. The price of the DL-301 is very agreeable, but what the result?
I have the first Phonomena phono stage, VPI TT wires, 14 year old Rotel amp and pre-amp, B&W CM-2 speakers, a Definitive Technology Supercube subwoofer, Cardas Neutral Reference speaker cables, with Transparent Audio and Audioquest interconnects.
I realize my system outranks buying a cheap cartridge, but I no longer can work, so I cannot spend big $ on audio equipment.
Why not just replace the stylus on your 2M blue ?

2M Blue Stylus

Good listening

I use a Shure M97XE with a Jico Sas stylus on my Aries3. You could get by with just the stock M97XE until the funds get better. BTW, HW uses the M97XE/Jico combo as an alternate on the VPI $30k turntable.

I have both the Denon 301mkII and also the Audio Technica AT-OC9ML/II. The Denon works very well with the JMW9 arm but the AT works even better IMHO. With the AT there just seems to be a bit more of everything vs the Denon which is a fine sounding cartridge on it's own. You really can't go wrong with either.
Regards, Sam
How much are you willing to spend? An AT OC9/III low output MC is selling for $400.00 and this cart is a giant killer at this price. A better cart would be the DVD 20X2L selling for $650.00. For about $280.00 you can get a DL-103r. If not, replace the 2m blue stylus as Pbnaudio recommended or go for a 2m Red for $100.00.
Agree with OC9/II or III.
Try a Nagoka at what you want to spend.
The Sumiko Pearl is crazy good at 125 bucks, but too inexpensive for those seeking an ego booost from spending more.
The Wolf speaks, I'll have to install the Pearl I've had in a box for years on my new TT.