Need Long Length Speaker Cables

Looking for a recommendation on a brand of  speaker cables which need to be 45 feet long. Moving my Vienna Acoustics-The Music to the back side of the room. Not interested low cost mass merchandised cables, but cannot afford Nordost!

Any input is appreciated.Thanks,Sam
IMO, running long XLR interconnects (if the upstream kit is diff balanced) is a superior option. If your kit is not, then consider going that route first
No doubt you will lose a little but if you have a beast of an amp you may be ok. 45ft isn’t crap in studios or live performances. If you can’t set your amp closer and use long XLR cables back to preamp then look at Canare. Unless you have Golden Ears you may not notice the difference regardless. Top end may get a little rolled off but I’d be more concerned about them working as antennas and picking up a lot of EM/RFI which is why I’m throwing out Canare as it is very good at canceling out noice being it’s primarily used in studios and pro audio. Canare 4S11 is a good cable regardless of cost. 
You guys are wrong, he won’t lose anything as long as he goes with a 12 gauge cable. Canare 4S11 speaker cable which is 11 gauge will run you less than $2.00 a foot plus termination from Blue Jeans Cable.  You  are probably looking at around $300.00 and they will sound as good as speaker cables costing $1K.