Need Help with Motor/Battery for Teres 340

First , I haven’t been around for awhile due to health problems which caused my system to sit idle for a couple years. I’d turn on the TT every now and then but chronic headaches had me sidelined. I’ve been listening again for nearly a month. I noticed a drop in speed during playback of my TT. This was sporadic but bothersome. The problem was described in the Teres manual as one of a mechanical nature. Grit in the bearing was the probable diagnosis. However it also indicated to check the battery. It is a battery drive TT.

So, I checked the charger and it is putting out the 13.75v as necessary. Checked the battery with the charger off. It did not drop below 12v. The lowest reading was 12.86 with motor running. So, it sounds like battery is fine. Must be grit in the bearing. However, the platter spins very smoothly and for a long time. Sure, this is not definitive.

I figured I’d deal with the problem in a few days. However yesterday (the day after I had removed & replaced the lead from the battery to check the voltage) I noticed an anomaly I hadn’t noticed before. The red and green light on the motor flash on and off very quickly. This happens in a pattern with a count of 10-11 seconds. I’ve just counted the time intervals rather than use any instrument for counting. . And it is consistent every 10-11 seconds. The flash is very quick or brief.  It is consistent.

I didn’t see this flashing take place before nor while I was checking the battery voltage. I’m usually pretty aware of what is taking place around me (though its possible I had not noticed it before). The manual says the battery life is 3-5 yrs. I suspect I am pushing that. I just made a new belt for it (DIY holographic Mylar). It’s a little shorter than previous belt but I can’t imagine this causing a slippage problem causing the slow down in music while playing. Besides, these lights are flashing without the motor running or the platter spinning. I haven’t had opportunity to play any vinyl since this new flashing light  phenom. But even if it plays fine now, the flashing indicates some kind of problem which needs to be addressed IMO.

I’ll deal with the replacement of the oil in the bearing if necessary. But my problem now with the flashing lights is one of an electronic nature. Even though the battery checks out with the meter, its still old. The TT sat which also causes problems. So I think the problem is with the battery rather than the motor or sensor. So I think installing a new battery is the 1st thing to do.

Unfortunately Teres is out of business and afaik does not offer tech least there is no mention on the website. I haven’t tried to contact Chris Brady. If anyone knows whether he still offers service, etc, I’d appreciate that info. So I feel a little vulnerable here. I know there are some posters here who are knowledgeable of the Teres TT and may be able to help me out. Doug Deacon comes to mind. And maybe Chris Brady is listening too. Any info would be much appreciated
I had the same problem before, found one of the wire connect to the battery was break at the PCB end.
If it’s not a broken or disconnected wire and you can’t solve the problem you might try messaging Audiogon members dougdeacon or lewm, they might be able to offer assistance.
The other thing you may want to check is the motor bushing.  Gently, with your fingers, see if you can feel any side play.

The maxon motor will do all kinds of weird things when it gets loose.  Checking the main bearing is as easy as spin it without the belt.  If you have the original wall transformer(non battery style) you could bypass the battery to check.

There use to be a schematic on the web but if the controller is bad trying to figure that out would get involved.
Thanks to all for your comments

Imhififan, I will check the wires more closely. Didn't see anything broke. But my eyesight is pretty bad. 

Lak, I had planned to message Doug if he didn't show up at the thread. but I had forgotten about Lew. Many thanks

Tom, Indeed there is a very small amount of play in the pulley. Not sure of its effect. But if the Maxon motor is as finicky as you indicate, it may be the problem. I looked to see if the plastic pully was held by a set screw which was loose. But I didn't see a set screw. So I'm guessing it is mated to the metal via pressing or some other route.

To all
FWIW, I unplugged the charger this morning to see if the lights still flickered every 10-11 seconds as previous. They did. Just sitting at idle with no power running to the motor, the flickering continued. So I felt as if that may show that  the charger is not part of the problem. Then too, I may be missing something in my thinking.
Also, I played several albums last night without one incident of slowing down. Lights still flickered every 10 seconds though. Another anomaly  was that at the beginning of the record,the motor would come up to speed as normal. Then after the green light was steady, the red light would flash 12 times.  Then the green light would flash once or twice. Then the green light would become steady and the music played through without problem. Considering the sophistication of this motor/controller, it seems to be trouble shooting itself and giving a code. The problem is, I don't know what the 12 flashing red lights mean nor the flickering every 10 seconds. I think I need an interpreter who speaks Maxon......or Teres.....or a combination.
My gut instinct tells me its the battery, even though the numbers show it working good. I'll take another look in the case for broken wires before ordering one though.

Again, much thanks to all
@artemus_5 as I'm sure you know there are many others on Audiogon that still use the Teres TT etc, that might be able to assist you.
I do own the 340 however I mine came with the Verus Rim Drive.
Please let us know what you find out regarding the issue.
Lak. I will do my best to keep the info I get available. I haven't done much yet since it was Memorial day weekend and I awoke yesterday with a sore throat etc. The pharmacist suspects allergies. So I didn't get the Dayquill which I went after. 
Anyway, I will keep the thread informed of my findings. Batteries are pretty cheap and this one is close to its life expectancy. So I will probably go that route along with trying to contact Doug, Lew and Chris Brady. I also thought about Tom from Gablier. I suspect they may use a similar style motor. & controller.  But I'm not sure
OK. So I tried a new battery. The lights on the motor still flicker just as they did previously. I was really hoping this would be the fix. I've been fighting a sinus infection with headaches so I have only played one record. I didn't hear any slowdowns in that record. But the red light did flash 12 times as it previously had done somewhere into the 1st track.
FWIW, I did check the wiring inside the controller/battery box for loose or broken connections and found nothing
I haven't tried contacting Chris Brady or Doug, et al yet. This is my next step. I may also try pulling the platter and replacing the oil in the bearing since this was my initial impression before seeing the light show. My manual says to use 30 weight oil. But I believe there may haven been an update on the oil to be used in the battery.
Does anyone know what the proper bearing oil for the Teres 340 is? Was there an update on this?
I have a 255 and use transmission fluid in the bearing. I have been able to reach Chris in the last few years. It takes a few weeks sometimes, but if I'm persistent it pays off.

My problem was the bearing had worn down so that the ball was riding against the brass on the thrust pad--around the edge of the teflon insert. This happened twice and the second time Chris built me a new thrust pad with teflon recessed above the level of the brass. 

I'm using a Verus, so no idea what the lights on the motor mean.
Thanks for your input Maxson. I thought there was a change to transmission fluid but wasn't sure. Did you reach Chris at ?
BTW, FWIW, for you Certus /Verus drive guys. The lights in the belt drive indicate when the motor has come up to steady speed. A steady green light indicates a steady 33 1/3 RPM. The red light comes on at start up and then goes out when the green light comes on. The red light coming on in the middle indicates it has lost the steady 33 1/3 RPM.
Thus the oddity of both of them quickly flashing when the TT is not running.
I may remove the platter to check the  sensor under the platter which has a strobe on it. it may be as simple as a piece of dust on the sensor since I suspect it is an optical sensor which "sees" the strobe on the bottom of the platter.
Good News. Chris Brady returned my email last night. It was a quick response I might add, which is good for us Teres owners. He said that the lights flashing is normal and that they had  always done so but I just hadn't noticed. Duh. My bad. I had never noticed them before. So much for my observance skills.
He suggested that my battery might be weak and replacing it might be in order. I have done that already but haven't had time for listening very much yet. He offered assistance if I needed more help in troubleshooting.
Another feature of the battery supply which he told me about was a jumper to bypass the battery and run on AC. I haven't checked my manual for details as he suggested. But that is a very nice option IMO
More good news from Chris was his final statement, "We are still in business but have scaled back significantly."
FWIW, I was very appreciative that Chris replied so quickly. It is reassuring to have the help of the designer and builder  of such a sophisticated motor/controller setup .
Take heart Teres owners .Apparently we have not been left out on our own. That's good news
artemus_5, thanks for the update. It's all good to know!