Need help choosing IC


As I live in Norway, and it's hard for me to try those esoteric american cables at home, I really need your opinion to help me choose without hearing.

I use a Merlin VSM/OTL system. I love the "beeing there" feeling, "getting in touch with the music", "flesh and blood". You know.

I don't like overdetailed systems with amazing sound but without musical contact.

My system tend to be a bit agressive in the upper midrange, so I dont need more of that.

I already have an AU24 speaker cable. I think this is a really good cable, and I'm planning on keeping it for a while. Does almost everything right, but lacks a bit of "life". A bit laid back and civilized.

I've narrowed the search down to these alterantives:

AU24, TG HSR, Argent Audio Pursang and Ridge Street Poiema.

I am open to other alternatives also of course.

I listen mostly to jazz.

Hope you can help me out.

I would add Jena Labs to your list (Trio or Fugue). Given your description it sounds like it would be just what you are looking for. My previous interconnects were detailed at the frequency extremes and almost lean sounding, they lacked "life" as you described. With the Jena Labs Trio's I found the mid-range I was looking for without sacrificing anything else, its a very balanced and natural sounding cable. Soundstage improved dramatically as well. Best of luck.
I must vote for the AU24. A little laid back is a valid impression, but it will not make you tired in the long run, will not grate on you as harsh. Punchy becomes annoying before too long.
I would recommend Sonoran Interconnects. They are very quiet and balancec. I love them in my system. I am hearing detail without the agressivness
I still really like the Argent Pursang. I've had it for 1.5 years and I'm still really happy with the sound I'm getting from it. I just recently got a chance to try the new Pursang S interconnect, which is actually just a replacement for the regular Pursang interconnect. It really is a lot better than the standard Pursang, which I was already thrilled with. I think your description of what you like your sound to be fits well with the Argent cables. They certainly aren't bright, forward or agressive, to me they just sound really natural. You can get a free demo of a pair of interconnects and speaker cable from Ric Cummings the owner of Argent Audio.
I will vote for TG HSR ,this ic will give you feeling
of being there.It will connect you to music too.
I am using The Master series cables from Virtual Dynamics. You will feel the music, you will feel the emotion of the music. Checkout the review on Call Rick, he is a great guy to deal with. This cable in my system is by far the best.
I am not familiar with the brands that you named, but I am a fan of LAT International cables. I have them throughout my system now. They are neutral sounding and reasonably priced. I have used a few more expensive brands but so far prefer the LATs.

Thanx all. I purchased a pair of AU24. Then I'm safe and can play around a bit with other cables mentioned here.

Hard to beat AU24 unless you move "up" to Cardas Golden Reference.