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Apple TV vs. Apple Mini
I just returned my Airport Express and literally stood in the store for an hour debating on the Apple TV vs Mac Mini. I opted for the Apple TV as I really just want a music server at its most basic level - hard disc storage, digital out and a slic... 
Just when I thought digital could not match analog
What cartridge and phono stage you using? 
Suitable tube preamp for pass labs x250
Definitely go with a true balanced pre-amp. I ended up with a BAT VK3ix After my search for a pre to match my X150. I liked it better than Pass's own X2.5 pre. 
Who has the best plasma monitor these days
Panasonic 700U is probably one of the best 42" sets out there in its size and price range. I bought two LCDs (actually brought them home, set them up, dialed them in) only to return them for inferior picture quality. I was about ready to give up o... 
XLR or single ended cables and why?
Depends if the components are designed as truely balanced or not. For instance, don't by BAT gear and run it single ended. Your not getting the sound you paid for. 
Von Scheikert VR4jr in a small room .
Saki70, yes I've tried them (VR2s), I've owned a pair for a few years now. I have tried many speakers in a small 12x10 room, in my experience your just better off with a pair of monitors with those dimensions. Consider yourself lucky, for what you... 
mouse pads...cheap isolation tweak???????
Have one under the motor of my Scoutmaster. Can't say for sure its a huge difference but at least I'm trying. 
Von Scheikert VR4jr in a small room .
That room is most likely too small for the VR2s or the VR4jrs. Firing them down the diagonal is the right thing to do but in that room you'll probably never realize their full potential.Try some quality two way monitors for an in home audition if ... 
Any Tool fans out there.
Now you have to try Perfect Circle. 
VPI SDS placement
Regarding the cord....I asked that very question many months ago. Evidently there are some Audiogoners that believe a better cord will make a difference. Search through the threads and you may find that thread. I've not experimented with cords, I ... 
VPI SDS placement
One time trying a phono stage I thought the SDS was the culprit but eventually ruled it out, so count me as having no issues. I do have it placed away from my pre-amp, phono stage and turn table. I believe the manual recommends this. 
Cayin A 88-T integrated:The new King of the Hill?
I read a rumor somewhere, maybe over on AA, that Pass was coming out with an integrated this year. If so, thats one that will be worth the wait while you, um suffer, with your Cayin.By the way, there is nothing wrong with switching the system on f... 
Which Tube Phono Stage around $1k?
Hagtech (Jim right?), if things work out I'll be auditioning your Trumpet phono stage in my system next week. I am anxiously counting the days! 
Which Tube Phono Stage around $1k?
I see what you mean Denf, the P5 is stuffed full of good stuff.How quiet is the P5 when compared to the 834p? The 834p I had in my system was whisper quiet, maybe the step up transformers? Anyone hear the Blue Circle phono stage, the BC27pi? 
Which Tube Phono Stage around $1k?
Springbok10 - if possible could you tell me how the Wright WPP 200 and EAR 834p phono stages compare? I am in the same situation as Pscialli.Those I am considering at the moment are the Wright WPP200, modified EAR 834p and used BAT VK P5. Of those...