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tubed sacd players under $5000
I would echo the recommendation of the Modwright Sony. I own one and love it. 
Subwoofer questions -- music only
I own Rythmik subs. I would recommend those. 
Modwright sony xa5400 vs Modwright Oppo 95
I have the modded one by Dan and love it 
Your best ''outstanding'' products in last 5 yrs?
SAS 11A Preamp 
fritz carbon 7 vs gallo starda's
They sound a little like ACI speakers from your descriptions 
Acoustic Zen
Evidently they are changing their website and phone 
Amazing ''Overachieving'' products...your pick?
SAS 11A and Monarchy Se-250's 
Top ten tube preamps
SAS 11ASAS 10AAudio Valve EklipseKora EclipseBryston BP-26Adcom 750 
SMS-1 Questions
Marty,If one did not consider latency to be an issue, why would one need to introduce a cross-over in front of the Audessey unit?Eric 
SMS-1 Questions
Kal,If you were going to go the way you suggest (full bass management) how would you proceed with true full range speakers? 
SMS-1 Questions
If I were to use the SMS-1 and wanted to let my mains run full, what would be the best way to hook-up the SMS-1? 
SMS-1 Questions
Kal,So it sounds like you are saying the SMS-1 with a mono signal to both might be the way to go rather than getting the Auddysey and having to add some sort of cross-over to compensate for the latend delay? 
SMS-1 Questions
In looking at the options it appears that the biggest drawback to the SMS-1 is that it does not truly process stereo subs. It nulls them to one signal. Thus for true stereo bass you would need 2 units. The SVS AS-EQ1 does allow for stereo, but als... 
SMS-1 Questions
Thanks Marty,Does the Audyssey provide stereo bass or would I need 2 as well (like the SMS-1) 
SMS-1 Questions
Dbphd,Do you run your mains through it as well or just the subs?