Need Freight Company to Ship Amps on a Pallet

Hi Everyone,

I really need help and advice finding a company who can ship a pair of amps strapped to a pallet and charge a reasonable rate.  This has been quite a challenge so far.  The amps are going from Oklahoma City to Tacoma, Washington.  Both parties are willing to transport the amps to and from a freight depot in both locations so door to door is not necessary. 

If you can share some approximate costs that you have experienced shipping your equipment on a pallet with "to and from" information, that would be greatly appreciated.  

Thanks for your time and advice

I have never used this company but they look interesting. See:

"LTL shipments are transported via truck freight common carriers and are the most frequent shipments that we arrange. We specialize in finding the best rate for each individual shipment with the fastest available transit time. We only use the highest-rated carriers in the U.S.

We can ship just about anything if it is properly secured to a pallet or crated. Less than truckload shipments generally consist of 1 to 6 pallets and range between 100 and 10,000 lbs. For shipments that exceed normal LTL criteria, we can arrange the shipment economically via partial or full truckload freight.

Whether its 100 lbs or 10,000 lbs, our bottom-line shipping rates enable us to reduce your shipping cost versus paying a carrier directly. If your shipment is not already palletized or crated, please contact us and we can assist with this process".

I suggest you contact them for quote.  Also do a google search on best freight shipping company for pallets.  I hope this help.  
I found two more options that look interesting:

One of these 3 freight contacts should be able to provide reasonable shipping rates for your amps. Please let us know. 
I shipped a pair of speakers using Uship.
They are basically independent shippers. Since they self-employed, the prices aren't bad.
Thanks for your replies.  I'm also looking for what others have paid to ship speakers, amps, etc. shipped on a single pallet across county or at least 2000+ miles.  

Thank again.
Been very happy shipping across country heavy speakers on pallets six trip with Pilot Freight with no damage and on time
air freight shipping is not as expensive as you may think when you go the airport and use one of the dedicated air freight shipping companies they are usually located around the sides of the airport and in the air freight shipping areas.  even the big guy do this like UPS etc.
I agree with glennewdick that the air freight shipping is not as expensive as we may think. I also feel the same problem but when my friend suggested me to take the service from Global Quote Logistics LLC then after I checked all these things and decided to take it. After that, I got benefited with them.
I just shipped 400lbs of speakers via pallet from North Carolina to Washington. I used FreightCenter which found the best price for me and prepared all the paperwork. It cost about $550 and included a lift gate on the receiving end. Having FreightCenter prepare the Bill of Lading and determine the cost in advance was a huge help. Even the shipping company was relieved when they saw everything was in order when I arrived at their shipping terminal.
Hello All,

I actually work for Echo Logistics.  I wanted to let you all know that for any palletized shipment needs, I would be happy to provide you a quote, as this is what I do daily. Not only that, but I take it upon myself to manage/track your shipment, to make sure it gets delivered from A to B.  Feel free to reach out any time and I would be glad to assist.  I have won many people by reaching out and would be happy to help anyone in need.  Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas!
I recently used FreightCenter to ship 400 lbs. of speakers from Raleigh, NC to Atlantic City, NJ and the cost was around $500, but it included a lift gate at both ends and $10,000 worth of insurance.  This was over 1/2 the cost of UPS or Fedex and they wouldn't do door to door like FreightCenter did.  The representative I worked with was very professional and reassuring.  Her name is Nicki McClintock and she can be contacted at:  (800) 716-7608 Ext. 1142.  After providing me with a firm quote and shipping ID, she directed me to their website and I took it from there.  FreightCenter provided all the shipping documents (Bill of Lading and address labels), but just be sure to hand the BOL to the driver and tape the address labels to the boxes.  The buyer said everything went smooth at his end and the speakers arrived undamaged.  I highly recommend FreightCenter!
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