Freight Company Help

Hello, I currently have an ad and need to start getting freight quotes. Can anyone please recommend a couple reliable/professional companies I can contact (midwest) to ship large speakers?
I have had good success with Team Worldwide in Los Angeles. Fast delivery, excellent handling, and very reasonable prices.

They have individually owned franchises across the USA.
You can try FLS (Freight Land and Sky) but you may need to be close to an airport. I had a 560 pound pair of Thiel CS 5is shipped through them. Another option that may work out for you could be to ship via GreyHound Bus if the packages do not have to be on a pallet.
Service by Air.
Excellent prices, friendly staff, quick service, THEY TAKE GREAT CARE OF PRODUCTS WHICH YOU ARE SHIPPING.
Pilot air has a good rep and I believe decent prices. I received speakers from them in flawless condition.

Another option is I've used this service once to ship speakers and it was by far the cheapest way to go, and excellent service door to door.
One piece of advise I can give you from personal experience……… DON’T use any of the 3rd party freight brokers, book directly with the freight company. It may seem more expensive at first but here is what often happens.

Freight quotes are based on how the freight is “classified”. The freight brokers will often miss classify the freight to provide a lower initial quote. Then later on (in my case 3 weeks after the freight has been delivered) the actual freight carrier will re-classify the freight. Then you get a bill for the extra charges from the actual freight carrier, which they will come after you for hard, or they just wack your credit card again for the extra $$$$.

I had a freight bill go from $300 to $600 and the freight broker went from being my best friend to not returning my phone calls.
A couple of years ago, I used R+L Carriers, having a pair of large JBL Studio Monitors (350 lbs) shipped from the midwest (Iowa), here to NM. They were very good, professional, reasonable cost. The large 53' semi truck had a liftgate on back, and also pallet jack, meaning you won't need the rental of a fork lift if the speakers are massive. Usually shipping to and/or from a commercial address will reduce shipping costs, versus to/from residential.

With large speakers, it is best that they are strapped to a full size Pallet with Nylon Straps. Mark