Nashville TN

Any audiophiles reading this site in Nashville?

Is there an audio society/club/group in Nashville?
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It's hard to believe there isn't but I would be interested in starting one and I could sure use some friends who are audiophiles like me. If you are, feel free to contact me at
Well I dont know of any clubs but you know Im willing to chill with some audio buffs sometime. Send me an e-mail or whatever if you feel like it.

No clubs that I know of - but I guess I could be considered an audiophile. Just love to "kick back" and listen to great sounds. Range from Opera to great jazz and even some rock. Even some great Country and Bluegrass. As long as it's good I can appreciate it.

I recently moved into the Nashville area from Colorado. There I was part of the Colorado Audio Society. Since relocating to Nashville I miss getting together with other audiophiles. Maybe we can put together the first ever Nashville Audio Society meeting. I am open to this if others are interested.
I have lived in Nashville for many years and would be interested in meet with other audiophiles in the area. I have 1 very good, longtime friend that sells pro gear in this area and he is the only guy that I know who speaks the same language that we all do.
GREAT!!! Just what i was looking for.I moved here last year and have spent most of my time working on my audio room/Man cave and would love to host a listening here and or would love to check out what others have.Call anytime Steve Fishe 504-388-4838
I'm game for an Audio group. I need others that are interested in ridiculous details that the audiophile obsession creates. I would also love to build my own amplifiers with some help from others.
Count me in. Ben 931-378-0405.
I'd like to get something started in Nashville. Please email me.

- Mark V
Anyone going to RMAF 2009.

Maybe can meet up there

Count me in! Please let me know if anyone has been able to get a club started!!!!!!!
Nashville Audio Society now has a website.
Any audiophiles in Nashville or surrounding area
are encouraged to check out the website if
I assume the Nashville Audio Society is no longer around? The website domain is expired. Does anyone have any insight on this? Cheers, Travis.
Anyone interested in starting an audio club in Nashville? I see the threads over the years but nothing recently. Please let me know and thanks.

johnradd, I would have some interest. -Travis
Has anything ever come of this interest in an audio group in the Nashville area? I was just doing some random internet searching to see if any such group existed in the Franklin/Brentwood/Nashville area and happened upon this thread....
This thing dead?    I live in Brentwood.
I think it's dead, though it's a shame.  I live in Brentwood too, and know at least one more audiophile in town.  What does a club do?  I for one would like the chance to listen to each others' systems, so I've heard more than one or two components.  Maybe piggyback on a record listening party at Brian's Custom Theaters on Charlotte to start?
Well I have emailed both of you a few months back and no replay so wondering how serious you all are. 

Any Audio shop(s) in Nashville? I know of HiFi Buys Nashville.

Happy Listening!

Any Audio meet-up in Nashville?

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