Seeking repair tech in Nashville for REL Strata III amp problems

Well, after a good long run with my Strata III, it finally developed the popping/crackling sound I've heard so much about in connection with REL's ST-series subs. I pulled out the amp and resistor R8 looks crispy, plus there is some browning of the board around it. I ran across this thread here:

...which addresses the problem (Storm III, same board, slightly different configuration). Looking for someone in the Nashville area who knows his/her stuff and can help me get it back into action. Would appreciate any suggestions!

Thanks and happy listening, Jeff A.
Your going to have to call REL directly, they are located in Berkeley CA, this is the companys North American contact. REL Acoustics 800 Addison st. Berkeley CA 94710. 510-990-6005. I am sure they can help.

Matt M
Jeff A.

contact REL directly for a consultation first.
Thanks guys.

I remember that HiFi Buys Nashville used to be a REL dealer/retailer?
They may even have a repair tech for your needs.
Jeff A-

can we get an update?