Nakamichi PA7 versus PA7 II

What is the difference between Nakamichi PA7 and PA7II?
Also,are this amps classA?
Thank you
As the owner of a PA7 II can tell you it was rated at 225
Watts per channel into 8ohm vs 200 for the PA7. I don't believe they're class A but the do utilize the Stasis topology designed by Nelson Pass. This amp runs warm but not hot so if it's class A it's only at a small percentage of the rated power. That's all I know on the topic. BTW the PA7 II is rated at 325 into 4 ohms.
Thanks for your feedback.How do like the amp?Considering the age of the amp doesn't need new capacitors?
I have a PA 7 II and love.I run it hard into PSB gold's and it works ver well.
This is related to the "Stasis" topology sound. I have a TA-4, the 100 w/ch reciever of the same Nelson Pass series. A nice amp with lots of guts, I use it in my video set up. For audio, when compared with other components it was more than a little rough. I know the PA 7 is a different animal, I'm just saying: listen first, buy later. (unless you are price/resale protected) good luck.

I think it's a fine sounding amp. I had it modified by Musical Concepts. I'ts not bright but maybe a touch warm.
A good power cable (I use Synergistic Res Ref) makes a
positve improvement.

stay away from nak amps

they are not musical for the money

stick to their tape decks

Once had the PA 7, which I bought used. The sound is quite dynamic, supposedly better than the later model II. The PA 7 ran into class A, more than the PA 7II, which meant, a warmer sound than the PA 7II. Eventhough it had about 200W per channel, it did not well with too hard of loads comparatively with other 200 watt or 100 watt high current amps I have had experienced. All in all, if you get a unit for about $800-900 range, I doubt it can be beat for the money...even in comparison with amps that can be had up to 3k.
Nak tape decks may be great, but they are made out with plastic skeletons, therefore prone for mechanical failure (I.e: Dragon.)
I love this site.
Thanks alot to everybody.Very helpful hints.
What is the difference between Nakamichi PA7 II and DENON POA 8000...
Just sold my beloved PA7 was the original owner and had it for 25 years. It was a very balanced amp with a beautiful and detailed midrange. I dont believe you can find a better amp for $700 - 900 dollars. Never had one problem with it and was still sounding like the day I bought it when I sold it.
" The PA 7 ran into class A, more than the PA 7II, which meant, a warmer sound than the PA 7II. "
I own a PA 7ll and Ive listened extensively to a PA 7  The ONLY difference between the two is the upper wiring, the latter being a birds nest of wires aka "Cottage industry" wiring vs Nakamichi's professional job of cleaning it all up and adding a few more watts.
BOTH amps are stellar and neither is "the ONE to own", they BOTH are.
Can it do well with thiel cs 3.6? Dips to 2.5 ohms for 65% of its frequency range.