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What DAC will work well with my Rega Planet ov ?
I liked my planet lots as well, and I agree about the build quality. After an intrim hitch with an ARC CD-2 I returned to the Rega sound and now run a Jupiter 2000 and love it. Sam Telig of writes in Stereophile of a Musical Fidelity DAC that he r... 
VTL-IT85 or Classe CAP-151 for magnepan MMG
I had a CAP-150 with my 2.7's for a couple of years... enjoying it before moving on. Keep in mind that 1) the room is a bigger element in the sound than the Amp, and 2) that you need to be happy with your front end before you start changing amps. 
classe CAP 151 vs musical fidelity A300 int amp
I also had a CAP (100) driving Maggie 2.7's very satisfactorily. Good control of the bass. 
Home HiFi better than Live?
I agree, rarely at home do people cough, talk, or spill beer on you. And I feel the benchmark of a live performance for my audio system is way too low. However, live music isn't about sonics. It's about sharing an experience with the person you ar... 
Looking for Tube Preamp with Phono and Headphone
Rouge 99 or 99 Magnum would work. Recent Favorable reviews from Stereophile and TAS. 
VTL 5.5 vs. Rogue Magnum 99: Pretty much equals?
I had the same question, I would share what I have learned via e-mail. loveless@qcnet.net 
Turntable and Phono Stage Help Needed
I had a CAP-100 with phono and thought it did a good job, It was in character with the amp. As for the black cube, Music Direct (amusicdirect.com) has recently discontinued it because (they say) There are too many other units at that price point t... 
AC in-wall cbl for ded circ - enlighten the idiot
Laz - Two thoughts: 1) As Tom said, the isolated ground will do wonders. 2) You don't mention the length of the run, but balk at costs, so I assume it is long. If you go with convention AWG 10-2 w/ground, rather than the conduit. GET SHIELDED WIRE... 
tube preamps
Rouge 99 is great! I found it does exactly what you want with my neutral Bryston & Maggies. Not much smaller than an ARC, but not as neutral. Quicksilver makes a tube remote line stage, but I've not heard it. It is smaller and less expensive. 
Next upgrade for vinyl rookie
I would suggest waiting until you have more money before you upgrade. Small upgrades are generally more expensive, because they quickly get replaced, usually at some expense. If you had to do something now, consider a phono stage. 
ARC preamp recommendation
There is a big difference in the cost of an SP-8 and the 10 or 11. The 8&10 are full tube models, the 11 a hybrid; Less expensive to retube (check ARC site, and factor for aftermarket if you choose). HP/TAS thought the 11 was better than the 1... 
Integrated amps and stereophile ratings confusion?
My recollection is that stereophile compares integrateds to integrateds, and separates to separates. Meaning a Class A integrated is not sonically equivalent to a class A amp or pre-amp. 
Original Rega Planet Question
The original planet was, and is, a great buy. There are a lot of them out there (and a lot of upgrade bugs). I found you have to spend a lot more to better it. Like all players it depends on how, and what you listen to; READ THE REVIEWS. Be advise... 
Rogue Amps: Unlike other Tube amps
Interesting, though I don't agree with your observation. I observe that the Rogue Amps seem to sell well compared to other equipment, and depreciate less than most equipment. This varies to a certain degree with models; the magnums sell quicker. I... 
Need advice/info on various used ARC phono preamps
Or you could go with an ARC "SP" pre with the built in Phono stage. They are quiet.